Wine Food Pairing in Guanaja Honduras

Wine Food Pairing in Guanaja Honduras. You might say to yourself, where is that and how do you pronounce that...for answers to those "burning" questions, you will have to visit my other blog:

My husband and I recently visited this island paradise and had lunch with our new friends Sharon and Mike Jones. They have lived on this tropical gem for over ten years and have a wonderful home located smack dab on the Caribbean Sea. The yard boasts all sorts of tropical vegetation including pineapples and bananas ..... way cool! Their home is powered by ten solar panels and water is collected in a cistern, but not to worry, Sharon does have luxuries.... washing machine and microwave to name a few!

We toured their three acres and then sat down to a lunch that Sharon had whipped up with homemade tortillas and chicken...I would call them fajitas, but Mike calls them "floppy-doo's", a terrific salad and then to top it off, a homemade key lime pie for dessert ( the limes came from their own yard!) ....truly decadent!

Of course, even in Guanaja you need to pair your food with husband and I chose a Cabernet from Chile and Sharon chose a chilled Zin from California...WOW..... totally delish!

Wine Food Pairing and Guanaja Honduras, who would have thought to combine these words?

My Wine Food Pairing adventures take me worldwide. CHEERS!

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Guanaja Sharon said...

Glad you enjoyed our island and the wine, even if we have limited choices here. And am sufficiently impressed that you remembered what my husband called the tortilla wraps! It was a pleasure meeting you and hope you get back here again some day.