Wine Food Pairing - Schwertfuhrer Zweigelt, YUM!

Wine food pairing is so fun in Austria where you can find some of the best wines only a stones throw away. We got this wonderful Zweigelt from Weingut Schwertführer 47er in Sooß.

This is located in the niederosterreich area of austria (lower austria), it is one of the premier wine regions.

This red was so yummy that we enjoyed it all by itself and then had a fresh green salad drizzled with pumpkin seed oil and a crusty bread to pair with it.

Life can be simple in Austria with great wines and the freshest of foods. It helps, of course, to have a bakery across the street ... lol!

Wine food pairing at a traditional Austrian table. CHEERS!

To visit the terrific heuriger where we got this wine click on Weingut Schwertführer 47er

Wine Food Pairing - Stelze Revisited on Election Day!

Wine food pairing takes a moment to revisit the Austrian delicacy of Stelze. I have posted about the "pig shin" it before, but because it plays such a large role in Austrian gastronomy ... well, what can I say?

It is a Sunday here and an election day. The Austrians hold all elections on Sunday and that way everyone gets a chance to vote ... all stores are closed on Sunday and therefore everyone is available to do their civic duty. In Austria, you only have to be a citizen and 16 years old to vote and most everyone does. The funny thing here is, you must be 18 to drive a car, but you can vote and in the US you can drive a car at 16, but cannot vote ... go figure .... lol!

So we were walking around the village, BigAl having done his civic duty, and we decided to visit Gasthaus Trauchner. It is one of the local haunts in Breitenau and always a good time. A beautiful afternoon and what better way to spend it than enjoying the afternoon in their garden, under the still leafy trees with the sunshine peeking through and super wine and food.

Stelze was on the special menu so of course, we had to get one. This "bad boy" serves 2 and then the big bone left over for Houdini. He really likes to haul it around the house, it is almost as big as him ... too funny! The stelze is traditionally served with gerkin pickles, senf (mustard) and freshly grated horseradish. Talk about YUMMO!

The bread basket is quite typical and I guess beer is the preferred drink with the Austrians, but I went for the local zweigelt.

After enjoying the somewhat fatty stelze, it is a must that you have a digestive aid .... they had a local nuss schnapps .... OH MY! This schnapps, a dark brown liquid, was made from pressed green walnuts ... it had a delicious nutty flavor and was delightfully sweet, unlike many schnapps. In fact, it was like a dessert all by itself!

Now I have mentioned before that dogs are welcome at the restaurants in Austria. Houdini made a new friend here, the owners "westie" Obilix, showed Houdini the ropes ... in fact Houdini even chased a duck ... of course the duck was bigger than him and I don't know what would have happened if the duck decided to turn ... YIKES ... I'm sure that it wouldn't have been pretty .... lol!

All in all, a beautiful fall afternoon in Austria, a relaxing meal and a lot of fun ... another wine food pairing success. CHEERS!

To visit the Gausthaus Trauchner online click here ... its a lot of FUN!

Wine Food Pairing - 3 Hauben Luncheon

A beautiful Autumn afternoon in Austria and Wine Food Pairing went with our friends Maria and Herbert to one of their favorite Gasthaus in the area. Located in an area that they call Schneeberg Land, it is a picturesque spot at the foot of "snow" mountain! The restaurant is named Gasthaus Puchegger and is the recipient of several awards, including the famous "3 Hauben". The "haubens" (chef hats) are awarded yearly and are prized in European gastronomy. I've included the chart below, but the quick and dirty is that there is a possible 20 pts awarded and only 3 restaurants in Austria have garnered 19 pts, or 4 hauben. The Gasthaus Puchegger has 18 pts. for 3 Hauben. Totally COOL and the food was delicious!

We began our luncheon with beverages .... Maria had a muscat and I opted for a wonderful Zweigelt. The boys, being boys decided on beer and schnapps. Then we went on to soup. Herbert and Maria shared a Parmesan cream soup, while BigAl and I split a maronicremesuppe ...YIKES! the Germans always have "Gi-Normous" words! Translated, we actually had a chestnut cream soup and it was delicious and the real treat was finding the tasty chestnuts at the bottom of the soup bowl!

On to the entrees .... and Maria and I had the Steinpilze Ravioli. Steinplize are large mushrooms that are now in season around the area. The local folks gather them and sell them to the restaurants where they whip up these little packets of goodness ..... it was topped with a delicious parsley sauce and shaved Parmesan cheese. It looked great and we agreed that it tasted even better.

Herbert went with the Wildschwein (wild boar) which of course is being hunted in the area this time of year. Austrian dumplings came with it and were garnished jauntily with a stalk of rosemary.

BigAl went with Bauern Cordon Bleau that was prepared fresh in the back with pork instead of the usual chicken that I am used to and had parsley potatoes on the side. He and Houdini shared ... of course, BigAl ate most of it! Dogs are welcome at all restaurants in Austria and Houdini was even welcomed with fresh water and a food bowl at the door! Talk about hospitality!

Houdini always sits politely in his carrier at the table and waits to be served and while he is not a mushroom kind of guy, ( he rolled the ravioli around in his mouth and then hide it in his carrier) he gave the Cordon Bleau a definite 3 "tail wags".

All the food was delicious. Everything was fresh and local which makes this even more of a treat for the palate. The owners were everywhere making sure that every one enjoyed their food and chatted freely with all the patrons.

An awesome wine and food experience. Great food and wine ... super company .... wonderful atmosphere. I give it the wine food pairing 3 thumbs up. CHEERS!

To visit this wonderful Restaurant and Pension on the internet CLICK HERE

Houdini, from a previous "black tie" affair ... lol!

Wine Food Pairing Kurbispuffer in Neunkirchen

Wine Food Pairing went for a wonderful lunch to the next village. We visited the "Altes Brauhaus" in Neunkirchen. This way cool gasthaus was a brewery in the 1800's and in the 1920's became what it is today ... a terrific place to eat and meet with friends!

Neunkirchen is such a friendly place and my husbands father was the Principal of the local school so we always get the "red carpet" treatment when he is recognized roaming around town.

So after conducting a bit of business we wandered over and decided on a quick bite before heading home.

I always want to get something I have never tried before ... something local and that I can recreate in the US when we get back to Florida.

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year so I chose the kurbispuffer ... which, when translated turns out to pumpkin patties. These vegetarian tasties were a mixture of pumpkin, flour, eggs, a bit of potato (I think) and seasonings, then fried up in butter ....... ! Yes, the Austrians are big on butter and after all, what's not to love about butter?

It was served with a tangy yogurt sauce and garnished with chopped chives ... YUMMO!

BigAl had a homemade goulash served with the traditional Austrian dumplings called semelknoedel, a dill pickle,a hot dog and an egg. I have made this in the US as a "hangover" remedy and it usually works great! Of course BigAl had a Oktoberfest brew to pair with his goulash and I chose a blauer zweigelt to sip along with my kurbispuffer. The zweigelt, made at one of the local wineries is always a good choice to go with if you are in the mood for a red wine.

A great afternoon for the wine food pairing crew .... CHEERS!

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Now Just Imagine What You Could Achieve With a Good Dry Red!!!

Wine Food Pairing Visits the Pumpkin Patch

When it starts to get chilly my thoughts turn to a nice hearty soup ... and for wine food pairing, what better way to welcome the autumn than by visiting the local pumpkin patch? Now as you know by now I am in Austria for the next few weeks, I haven't seen any pumpkins in Florida lately and I haven't felt any "chilly" temps either!

We found a nice patch one along side the road up in the Styria region .... after all they are famous for their pumpkin seed oil and those seeds come from somewhere! So, with one of these "bad" boys tucked under my arm we had the makings for one darn tasty "Kurbis-suppe" ... pumpkin soup.

WOW! After throwing onions, garlic, potatoes and pumpkin in the pot, along with a bit of water, white wine, broth and seasonings we had a thick rich hearty soup. I garnished it with a drizzle of pumpkin seed oil, a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds and a dollop of sour cream ... this was so rich and YUMMY that it would make Betty Crocker blush!

Of course, we always ask the question, "what wine do we pair with this delight"? We chose local Sturm ... yes, I know I have been drinking quite a bit of it lately, but it is only available for a short period of time and it goes so well with the season. The fizzy sweet combines so well with the creamy soup.

When you do wine food pairing you have to think about the seasons, the locale and ... the bottom line .... what makes you happy. CHEERS!

WFP - Hot Air Balloons and Kaiserschmarren!

Wine food pairing continues wandering around Austria. The 2008 Hot Air Balloon Championships have been on hold due to weather, some rain, but definitely the wind. They were hoping for a "GO" yesterday afternoon, but by 6:15PM they decided to black flag for the day ...

We started out the afternoon in the main tent ... people watching, BigAl sitting in on the pilots briefing and then a fizzy glass of Sturm. Yes, I admit that I am addicted to this darn stuff. You can only get it a certain time of year .... in th early fall and then it seems, only in Austria. Maybe other places have it, but I have never found it.

Refreshed and wanting to get out and mingle a bit we went out on to the field in search of the teams from the USA. Actually, with over 100 teams on the field it of course stood to reason that we would find them last! Oh well, Houdini made lot's of new friends along the way and several balloonists wanted their photos taken with the Hoot's dressed up in his cold weather "bomber" jacket!

Now it was pretty disappointing not to have the balloons going up so the promoters decided to have a KaiserScmarren party for everyone. KaiserSchmarren is a traditional Austrian 'pancake' made famous by the imperial court when Emperor Franz Joseph and his consort Princess Elisabeth spent their summers in the Salzkammergut resort of Bad Ischl in Upper Austria. This pancake is pulled apart with forks while i
t is still cooking and is usually served with dollops of apple/plum sauce and sprinkled with generous dusting of powdered sugar. Very tasty indeed!

Wine food pairing is super even with food that we can't pronounce. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing Drinks Up a Storm .. er .. Sturm!

Wine food pairing just had the opportunity to visit Styria or Steiermark in Austria ... the first home of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was actually born in the hamlet of Thal bei Graz, about 10 km (6 mi) from Graz, the capital of Styria .....

It is located in the southeast portion of the country and shares its southern border with Slovenia. The geography is generally mountainous with alpine activities abounding. Wineries and great regional cuisine are all to be found in the Styria Region.

Other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, this region is famous for its Apple Balsamic Vinegar which, when pressed down, has a lot less acidity than regular vinegar and more of a "spice" to it ... in addition to the vinegar, it also boasts pumpkin seed oil. Now if you have read any of my other posts you know that this stuff is so good we bring back several bottles each time we return to the US.

In the farmer's market picture, this "liquid gold" is in the bottle carrier close to the front of the table. Thick and dark green, it kind of looks like motor oil and the real connoisseurs taste it from a shot glass like a fine wine to test its quality! We like to use it to dress our salads, drizzle over steamed veggies and it is also is a terrific garnish on creamy soups like, guess what ... pumpkin soup!

If you ever get a chance you MUST taste it for yourself ... it has such a wonderful nutty flavor that you will be hooked.

No farmer's market in Autumn would be complete without a wine farmer offering a yummy bottle of Sturm. This tasty Austrian "juice" can pack a real wallop if you don't watch out. Sturm is actually semi-fermented grape juice from the first grape harvest of the season. It's lower in alcohol than regular wine and marks the official start of autumn for many locals. It comes in red or white ... my fave is the white! Sturm, with its slight carbonation can tend to sneak up on you so be careful when you drink up a storm ... er ... sturm ... wine food pairing ... many times silly. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - Hans Tinhof Heurigen Austria

The Entrance of Hans Tinhof Heurigen is modest and only hints of the lovely garden and great wines waiting for you inside!

Angelika and Hans Tinhof, our hosts ....

Wine food pairing is having more great adventures in Austria! We stopped by our good friend Hans Tinhof's Heurigen the other night and what a treat we were in store for. He had been bottling wine all day in the cellar .... a yummy red .... and we were just in time for a sampling. It had been in the barrels for 3 years and was just "prime" for drinking! Hans explained that they lost most of the crop in their vineyards this year to a crazy hail storm, so in a couple of years the wine bounty will be slim .... what a shame ....

The Tinhof winery is located in the lovely village of St. Georgen. The vineyards are spread about the hills surrounded by small forests. All of his grapes are picked by hand and all the wine making is done by traditional methods. This is done with the highest respect in order to satisfy you, the customer.

In the video, Hans opens up a bottle for us to taste with our "house" sample plate. All kinds of smoked wursts (or sausages ) smoked ribs, terrific Austrian potato salad, "pickled" things ... only the Austrians really know what it is ... lol ... and of course a basket of fresh baked bread. OH MY!!!! Tickle me Elmo!

The place was hopping and they even had a ski wear show going on ... I don't get to see that very often in Florida. All the latest in ski parkas and boots!

It is so sad that very little of the delicious wine from Austria makes it to the USA. Most of it goes over to Germany where they mix it with their wine and still claim it a German wine ... so much for wine politics! Austria is such a small country .... even though much of the country is devoted to the wine farmer and their products, they do not have enough left over to export.

I have learned so much from my Austrian friends about wine food pairing and most of it is very simple. Fresh home made food and traditional wines enjoyed with good friends ... it is the always the BEST. CHEERS!

WFP Hot Air Balloon World Championships, Go Team USA!

How COOL is this? Wine food pairing right on the side lines in the press area watching and cheering on the teams from the USA while BigAl shoots video. I was drinking some exceptional Blauer Zweigelt which was just perfect for the chilly fall air.

Wine Food Pairing 2008 Hot Air Balloon World Championships

Wine food pairing is HERE!  Where is that .... Hofkirchen, Austria to watch the 2008 World Hot Air Balloon Championships!  The event begins on September 13 and runs through the 20th.

We arrived in Austria the day before, but the opening festivities were something that we didn't want to miss out on.  We had press passes so we got in on all the  special activities. Great access to all the balloons and lot's of free wine and delicious food!

We met up with our friend Marion,
who was in charge of the press PR and his girlfirend Ursula .... so much to see and do ... they had a terrific "show" before the opening activities.

This particular world event had been in the planning stages in Austria for the last 3 years and even the smallest details were taken care of ..... down to the special labeled wines ...  too cool!

The opening ceremony included singing, dancing, fireworks all the while the balloons, still tethered to the ground, rising into the air to "strut" their stuff a bit!  Over 150 teams have come together here for the event and several teams from the USA are also here to compete.

We watched from the sidelines as all the crews drove past the podium to cheering onlookers!  When it was the USA's turn, the music blared out "Born in the USA"  it was the BEST!

After the parade and the fireworks we made our way in to the food tent where they had a terrific buffet set out for the press, VIP's and sponsors ..... I chose the mushroom soup to start.  this was no Campbell's canned soup, my friends , but an Austrian traditional "champignons suppe" ... hearty and rich I could have made a meal out of just the soup.  I followed it up with a wonderful selection of pasta salads, wursts and fresh breads that only the Austrians know how to make ... YUMMO!

I started the with champagne for the opening ceremonies, but quickly changed to the delightful Blauer Zweigelt 2006 bottled just for this event!

The Zweigelt was the perfect choice for all of this traditional fare.  Wine food pairing in Hofkirchen, Austria.  CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - Wien or Bust!

Wine food pairing
is making its way to Vienna (or Wien as it is called over there). A long flight, but we made it with no problem. Here are my "boys" sitting at the airport in Munich getting ready to meet our friend Rudy for a long "layover lunch".

Rudy picked us up and drove to one of the local biergartens where we had one of the lunch specials .... jungenschwinebraten with kartoffelknoedels and semiknoedels ... YUMMO!

OK, I know you haven't a "clue" what I am saying ... from the picture below you can see that we had sliced young pork with potato and bread dumplings along with a mixed salad!

A couple of beers and a long conversation later we headed back to the airport for a 45 minute flight to Vienna.

The Munich Airport had some of my favorite Cavit Pinot Grigio ... this directly from Italy ...

The plane took off right on time and all was well with the wine food pairing troup ... always fun, but sometimes a very long day. CHEERS!

20 cookbooks for ONLY $20 !!!!!!!

Wine food pairing does not really spend anytime promoting any particular items for sale, but I just came across the AWESOME cookbook sale and it is just too good not to share! This guy, Ron Douglas is offering 20, that's TWENTY cookbooks for only $20 ! These are e-books that you have instant access to and guess what, they have 100% money back guarantee ... YOU can't beat that offer with a stick .... LOL!

  • Secret Sauces Exposed!: The Savory Sauces of 5-Star Restaurants
  • The Best Darn BBQ Recipes Ever - Vol 1
  • Healthy Heart Low Cholesterol Cookbook
  • Fix & Forget It Crockpot Recipes
  • Foodies Favorite 229 Pie Recipes
  • Global Kitchen Homemade Soup Recipes
  • Good Ole Comfort Foods: The Go-to Recipes They're Sure to Love
  • The Grill Master's Guide to Grilling
  • 55 Quick & Easy Pumpkin Recipes

  • Special Occasion Cookbook: The Special Recipes for Special Times
  • Diabetic Delights: The Healthier Version of Your Favorite Foods

  • Kid Approved Cookbook: Delicious Dishes the Kids Will Love
This is only a few of the books you will get because for a limited time only he is offering even more cookbooks to bring the total up to 20 ! Twenty cookbooks for $20 ....

I guess you can tell that I am excited so take a look at his AD Right Here ..... after all, what have you got to loose with an 8 week money back guarantee? I know that I have my recipes already downloaded and can hardly wait to try one tonight!

This will bump wine food pairing up to the next level with all my new recipes! CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing Full of Hot Air or Hot Air Balloons!

Wine food pairing is getting psyched up ... today we leave for 4 weeks in Austria ... and those weeks should be action packed and filled with excitement! I will keep you up to date with all the cool stuff that goes on, but first off you need to check this out. We have been invited to the 18th Hot Air Balloon World Championship. The balloons will be filling the sky ... 150 teams from all over the world, several from the USA will be competing for top balloon honors!

This is a really big deal. The Austrians are pulling out all the stops to make this event even more spectacular than the last! It will be taking place in the Styrian area of Austria and as you know from earlier posts, this is where the famous pumpkin seed oil is grown and produced. Local growers have even come up with a special label just for the Hot Air Balloon Championship.

I know that I will be bringing back a few for all my special!

OK, I will get back will all the exciting details and party events, but I have to finish up my packing ...

Just to give you a preview of what is to come, watch the videos below ... then you will know why I am so excited!

Maybe you want to come along or visit? We have a couple of extra bedrooms at the house! Championship begins on September 13th and runs through the 21st.

Wine food pairing ... see you there. CHEERS!

For more info on this competition be sure to stop by :

Wine Food Pairing with a Summertime Classic

Wine food pairing with this refreshing summertime classic right out of the garden.

I use this for an afternoon appetizer or sometimes a substitute salad in the summer.

Find the reddest, ripest tomatoes that are plump and delicious and a fresh mozzarella ball from the green grocer or farmer's market.

As you can see from the picture I layer the cheese and tomatoes and then sprinkle some chopped fresh basil. I also drizzle balsamic vinegar and the best EVOO and a dash of S & P. You can serve this with a basket of fresh breads along side or your favorite crackers.

I pair this with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc and it works wonderfully. Both are fresh and flavorful and what more do yo want for a quick summer time treat!

Wine food Pairing, fresh and refreshing. CHEERS!

WFP- Corn-fest .. The Movie!

Wine food pairing follows up on our Pelican Street Corn-fest .... the MOVIE!

A great afternoon was had by all who attended ... Wine food pairing ... CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing and Sweet Corn "Porn" !

Wine food pairing knows all about food porn .... WIKI says that Food porn is a sarcastic term variously applied to a spectacular visual presentation of cooking ....... well sweet corn porn is what I just took part in .... and let me tell you, it left me more that satisfied!

Our good friends Aunt Patti and Brewski Bob, our snow bird neighbors down in Florida and part time residents up in Illinois "over nighted" some delicious sweet corn to us straight from their fields. They spent a great deal of time packing with styro material, cardboard and cold packs and the corn arrived like it had just been plucked from the stalk!

Now we have heard all about the cultivation, planting, tending and spraying of the crop this past couple of months and we have even started calling Brewski, "Corn-Cob-Bob" .... well, let me tell you ... all kidding aside this is some mighty darn good tasting sweet corn. In fact, I don't know when I have had something quite so fresh and delicious .... we followed Brewski .... er .... Corn-Cob's instructions on grilling and then dressing out the ears with mayo, grated Parmesan and cayenne pepper and I swear, it brought tears to our eyes!

OH MY! Words just can't describe the absolute freshness .... We ate at a frenzied pace ... that's all we had .... and we paired it with a crisp, chilled Pinot Grigio ... Santa Margarita .... yes, it is the "good" beans at $25 a bottle, but let's face it .... the best deserves the best!

Yes, this picture shows the "remains" of our wine and food ... it wasn't pretty, but oh well.

The good news is there are 4 more ears left and those will be for dinner ... LOL!

Wine food pairing
can sometimes be a tough job, but someone has to do it. CHEERS!

Comments from Carol and Jim to Brewski Bob:

Well, well,...this is THE BEST CORN I have ever eaten, so there, post office, put this where the corn don't grow. I don't know where I have been all my life, but I'm sure glad I have lived long enough to experience the BIG C by Bob.

Maybe you have found a new career.

We had to take a nap after lunch to dream about it! And, thank you for all your effort in sending all that goodness to us.

Love Carol


Amen to Carol's note!!!

It was COLD when we opened it! The funny thing was that Denise was on our front entry 5 seconds after the Post Lady arrived. The Post Lady had lots of "corny" advice.

Denise came in for a Pinot while Carol opened your TLC package.

With corny thoughts of you,


Wine Food Pairing-Pork and Cork, OH MY!

Wine food pairing, pulled out the old cookbook …. Actually, I just GOOGLED the recipes and came up with a succulent, tender pork tenderloin … OH MY! It was melt in your mouth delicious.

Every now and then it is fun to try something new and we decided to open up the pork loin and spread a yummy stuffing on it and roll it back up with “turkey” bacon tied to the roll. I was in charge of the stuffing and I sautéed Vidalia onion, fresh mushrooms, EVOO and garlic until it was “sweated” down and then stirred in a wonderful basil pesto that I had made earlier. My husband was in charge of the surgical skills with the knife … when the sharp knives come out of the block, I am not allowed … LOL!

With the stuffing in place, BigAl used my cooking string and wrapped it up as nice as any gift on Christmas morning! Yes, he had bacon in place under the string … and … of course he put a few pats of real butter on top. After all, he is Austrian and they do things like that!

We popped this “bad boy” in the oven at 450F for 5 minutes then turned the broiler on to crisp up the bacon for another 5 …… then turned the oven down to 375F until the inner temp came up to 160F … about 45 minutes. I served this with Garlic smashed potatoes and fresh steamed asparagus and OH MY ….. IT was the BEST! When we sliced this after it rested a bit we had a cool “pinwheel” effect.

Now what to pair with this delight? We decided on a refreshing, chilled white merlot from California. I chose the Beringer with its pretty purple-red color. It is a nice blend of fresh berry and zesty orange peel flavors, with a hint of nutmeg spice that gives it a little interest.

A terrific meal for the wine babe and BigAl … wine food pairing did it again. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing with Killer Tomatoes!

Summer is starting to wind down in many parts of the country and many thoughts are toward cooler weather and heavier meals. Not so in sunny Florida, where we won’t even think about dropping below 90F until the end of October.

Wine food pairing is still coming up with light refreshing meals with all our fresh produce around. I found some “killer” looking tomatoes the other day and all I could think of was a thick, juicy tomato sandwich. Now I know how to layer things on to make a hearty sandwich, but the PERFECT tomato sandwich is just that. My homemade fresh out of the bread maker, whole wheat nut bread, slathered with a dollop of mayo and thick slices of you know what! I like to chop up a little fresh basil, S & P and a pinch of cayenne. YIKES …. This is a feast!

I paired the “mater” sandwich with a chilled glass of Gato Negro Chardonnay. This pale gold wine from Chile, with its delicate fruit flavors had our hearts and minds south of the border, for real.

We took our lunch on the lanai, braved the outside and sat under the fan next to the Koi pond and I think that the fish might have been jealous of our bounty! They kept popping their heads out to take a look … LOL! Wine food pairing can be simple, fresh and delicious. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing NEW Florida Foot Fashion-ware

Wine food pairing wants to take this opportunity to share with you the latest in foot fashion-ware for Florida.

We flooded and lost power for TS "Fay", water covered the docks for Gustov and who the heck knows what will happen with Hanna, Ike, Josephine and Kyle brewing out there....

I am usually NOT on the cutting edge of fashion, but I think that these FUN, "stylin' " flipper/fin heels might be the statement that I am looking for. Even though wine food pairing generally works from home, I think a certain look and functionality is required. I certainly can see myself standing at the grill after the power has been shut off in this attractive footware and then simply turning around and jumping in the bay for a quick snorkel around!

What do you think? Try to get a visual here ..... a chilled glass of pinot grigio, maybe the bright orange heels .... hmmmm ... are you feeling it? CHEERS!

WFP ZOOMS in to the 94th Squadron Restaurant!

The 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant overlooks the runway of the Miami International Airport. Wine food pairing took the "show" on the road to Miami to check on things over there and of course we had to stop at one of our faves. You can watch the planes taking off and landing and there are headphones available for you to listen to the air traffic ground control and you can see cargo trains pass right in front of your window while you dine.... Pretty COOL!

We started out with a bit of house pinot grigio for myself ... chilled and tasty and BigAl went for the beer. He wanted to practice for our trip to Germany and Oktoberfest ... LOL! Instead of ordering entrees, we decided to enjoy one of their massive appetizer platters ....

As you can see, I am not joking about the size! We have always wanted to check this out and we weren't disappointed. The spinach and artichoke dip was warm and yummy, the chicken drummies were seasoned perfectly ... and the rest? It was all good!

Too bad there was only two of us!

Wine food pairing across from the Miami Airport ... fun, food and drinks. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - Practice Makes Perfect!

Wine food pairing is gearing up to travel across the pond to Europe in 10 days. We will be flying in to Munich and then after a long lunch with a friend in one of our favorite biergartens we will land in Vienna about 6PM.

Now ,I don't know if you have any idea how much wine is consumed over there, but let me tell you ... it is a LOT! So it was only natural to want to get in a little bit of practice with some local vino.

I broke out my last bottle of Rotwein from Germany that I brought back last time ... a Baden 2005 Spatburgunder from Oberon. I decided to pair this with steaks on the grill that turned out perfectly. Of course, I always have a veggie packet .... this time with broccoli, tomatoes and onions, as well as a potato packet with sliced potatoes (skins on ) and onions.

Everything turned out terrific. We do a lot of grilling in Florida and that is one thing that I miss while in Austria, although it is so much fun to visit the local gasthaus' and heurigans that I really don't have a lot of extra time to think about it.

Austrians spend a lot of time enjoying the company of their friends and even though my German is "spotty" at best, it gets better the more wine I drink and the longer I am in country. After all .... I know how to order wine and find the bathroom ... LOL .... the 2 most important things!

Here we are entertaining some friends in our kitchen in Austria ... wine food pairing ... practice does make perfect. CHEERS!