Wine Food Pairing - Weingut Hans Tinhof

Wine food pairing once again traveled to the Burgenland region of Austria ... this time to visit our friend and vintner Hans Tinhof.  Located in  St. Georgen, this heuriger is one of the best!

Hans was there to offer us tastings of his latest Zweigelt, one of my favorite Austrian red wines, as well as a Rose which was light and fruity ... very thirst quenching!

BigAl and I shared a "house plate" filled with all kinds of wursts and meats along with a cabbage and Austrian potato salad which paired well with the early red wine ... take a look ...

Wine food pairing ... when you look for a Burgenland heuriger don't forget to stop by and see Hans and his family.  CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing – Wine Tasting Adventure in Gols Austria

What an adventure for wine food pairing!  We spent the afternoon sightseeing and bumping around some of the wine areas of Burgenland in Austria.  Burgenland is a famous grape growing region and known worldwide for their delicious wines.

BigAL was on the "Starfighter Team " over 30 years ago ... flying with vintage airplanes low over the vineyards to scare the birds out of the area without hurting or killing them. The Starlings , in German are called "Star", can devastate the crops by stripping the vines of grapes.  The planes fly low over the rows of grapes “fooling” the birds into thinking that the plane is a REALLY BIG BIRD and that they need to leave the area NOW!

Well, we searched the sky to see if any planes were flying and then followed … as we drove into the landing field we came upon a small shack manned by a couple of the wine growers supervising the action.  Alfred got out of the car, exchanged a few words and soon Alfred, Houdini and I were invited in.  Well, as you can see from the picture, the “house” was probably about 8’x10’, a table with benches and a couple of shelves and 2 very friendly wine growers … one who remembered Alfred from over 30 years ago.

Hans Beck spoke English and told me that over the years he had exported over 1,000,000 bottles of wine to the US … his wines were served exclusively on Austrian Airlines for several years.  He just happened to have a couple of bottles of his “house” wine that they were tasting when we came in … of course, soon we were enjoying the wines, also.  Oh MY … these wines were terrific … if these were his everyday wines, I can hardly wait to taste the “good beans” … LOL.  In fact, we did get an invitation to come back at a later date for an exclusive wine sampling from his wine cellar … I can hardly wait!

I was lucky enough to get Hans Beck on video explaining his 2 house wines … take a listen …

Just imagine, enjoying a Cuvee Heideboden 2009 and a 2006 Zweigelt with the producer himself.

Wine tasting ... what a lot of fun. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing at the Breitenau Frühschoppen

Wine food pairing just spent an exciting Sunday in Breitneau, Austria ... I was promised that we would go Sunday "frühschoppen" at the "Feuerwehr Breitenau", or firehouse.  Well, you guys know that my German is poor, even on a good day, but for some reason I was thinking that there would be "FREE shopping" ... sounded like a plan to me ... LOL!

Well, much to my surprise "Frühschoppen" has absolutely nothing to do with shopping, let alone FREE shopping.  It is a type of brunch event ... well, let's say it is a meal after church and before lunch, but let me tell you it lasted until way after dinner time.

We walked to the firehouse .... an enjoyable jaunt for BigAl, Houdini and me with the weather in the mid 70's.  The circus tent was in place, music playing from Musikerein Breitenau and the crowd eating, drinking and gossiping.

A quick gander at the menu and I made a decision on the surschnitzel ...  "brined" pork that is then "schnitzeled" .... what better beverage to pair this traditional Austrian treat than  a refreshing white wine spritzer  from a Welsch-Riesling made locally here in Lower Austria.  In fact, it was so tasty that after a while I decided to skip the spritzer and just go the wine all by itself ... fresh, light and fruity ... YUMMO!

In addition to the great music, wine and food they had events for the kids and a raffle with all kinds of goodies donated from local shop owners ... what more could you want?

Take a look at the quick video that I made ...

Wine food pairing ... CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - Thai Food and Fine Wines

Wine food pairing ... a video glimpse of our evening with Franz Strebinger and Busaba's authentic Thai food.  Talk about "delish" !

Great wines from the Fischer Heuriger ... a great evening was had by all.

Wine food pairing with Thai food ... why not?  CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - A Treat from Thailand

Wine food pairing is always an adventure and last night we had the opportunity to enjoy terrific Thai food, awesome wine and the company of old, as well as new, friends.

An invitation from BigAl's childhood friend, artist Franz Strebinger, to partake of his wife, Busaba's, authentic Thai cuisine is something that is always a delight, but in addition we met vintners from the Fischer Heuriger.

The Fischer family has been making top quality Austrian wines since 1953 ... does it get any better?  They shared with us the care that is taken with each bottle, the long months that each wine ferments in oak barrels ... the use of oak in wine plays a significant role in their winemaking and has a profound effect on the resulting wine ... affecting the color, flavor ... even the texture of the wine.

Let me tell you ... the spicy Thai food and the wonderful "reds" from the Fischer Heuriger made for a wine food pairing that was second to none!

Of course the evening wouldn't be complete without an after dinner schnapps ... this is typical for Austrian dinners ... I have been told that it is strictly a digestive aid, but usually they taste pretty darn good!  Franz brought out a special Thai whiskey ... it was mellow, but definitely had a "kick" ... YIKES!

All in all, a wonderful time was had by all with the wine and food flowing freely ... who said that Red wines only go with beef?  CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing ... A Stelze Treat!

Wine food pairing is a lot of fun with family.  Cousin Michaela in Austria whipped up this tasty treat of Stelze and paired it with a local red wine "Zweigelt" from Burgenland ...

Too bad you can't enjoy the aromas of this hearty meal.

Wine food pairing at it's best.


Wine Food Pairing - Adventure in Linsberg Austria

Wine food pairing has the opportunity for wine adventures at every turn.  BigAl and I recently met our friend Herbert at the Castle Tavern, also known as the Schlosstaverne in Linsberg .  This cool little place is run buy a husband and wife team that are friendly, serve yummy local food and have portions so large that will be asking for a doggie bag.  Of course, we bring Houdini Clarke with us so no need for the bag ... LOL!

Houdini really likes the roasted turkey ... one of my faves ... but the Austrian boys opted for some "pig" parts.  I went with the Zweigelt ... a local red wine and the guys started with beer, but ended up with red wine also.

To get the full "scoop" just watch the video and enjoy!

Wine food pairing ... an Adventure in Linsberg.  CHEERS!