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WFP - A Toast to Randy Pausch ......

Wine food pairing takes a time to announce the passing of Dr. Randy Pausch. Randy made national news last September when he delivered his famous "Last Lecture" to a packed audience at Carnegie Mellon University. Yes, indeed it was his last lecture, as Randy was dying of Pancreatic Cancer.

I have followed his inspirational journey with awe, laughter and, of course sadness ... my sister died of this same horrible cancer that knows no long term survivors. Randy did so much for the education and awareness of this disease and even spoke before congress, pleading for more research funds. Randy Pausch certainly is and was a hero .... may you rest in peace ....

I would like to propose a toast to all the friends and family that pancreatic cancer has left behind and to all the brave souls that have fought a brave fight and have succumbed .... CHEERS!

To read Randy's autobiography you can click on this link ....

Wine Food Pairing - Urech Quads Stomp Grapes!

Wine food pairing, well actually this is just the wine making portion.

I ran into this blog called The Urech Quads
while surfing the internet. These little darlings are showing us all how it is done and that you are never to young to enjoy wine making.

It started out with 2 of them and then all four joined the party.

The girls are River, Rayne, Julianne (JuJu)
and Skye. The girls, from Texas are 20 months old and
were the star attraction at the Wine-making Festival at Chez Pop-Pop. The girls were in charge of mashing the grapes and, as you can tell, they were quite good at it!

Their Mom Misty wrote me:

"As for having 4 at one time, it has been a blast, but definitely not for the faint of heart!"

Holy smokes, I can believe that!

To check out the latest on the Urech quads go to:

Wine food pairing ... here's a toast to the Urech quads. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - Macaroni's Grill

Wine food pairing can be done all over the country. This last weekend we headed up to the Orlando area for a business meeting and stopped off at the Macaroni Grill in Kissimmee .... that is pronounce Ki-sim-me, for a bit of food and wine!

Matt was our waiter and did a wonderful job of keeping us in food and spirits, as you can see by my "pink" cheeks!

Bi AL had the fettuccine Alfredo, what else could you expect from a guy named Alfred? I had the lasagna and it was totally YUMMO!

The Caesar salads were brought out first and the greens were crisp, fresh and the dressing had just the right tang. The wonderful warm dipping bread had me weak in the knees!

We paired the whole dinner with their house Chianti and it worked wonderfully. I guess there is a reason that it is the only house red on the menu.

For a very reasonable price we had salads a bottle of wine, entrees and dessert .... under $80! In a tourist area like that I was quite surprised!

We will definitely do more wine food pairing at Macaroni's Grill. CHEERS!

WFP ... Let's Hear it for Whitey Tighties!

I was watching on the news last week where the Naked Cowboy is suing the M & M company for some ridiculous amount of money because they dressed up one of the blue "candy" guys in a cowboy hat and whitey tighties! YIKES!!

What is this world coming to?

I think I should invite both of these "dudes" to my next wine food pairing get together and have bury the hatchet so to speak ... maybe strum a few tunes.

OK, I am looking for suggestions here, what kind of wine really pairs well with bologna?

Actually, this may be my age showing, but I kind of think the guy on the left is cute, what do YOU think?

Wine food pairing can certainly be silly! CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing Party of the 4th!

What says America more than getting together with friends and family for the fourth of July? The birth of our nation is a pretty darn good reason!

Everybody brought a favorite dish and Donna and Carl provided all the BBQ we could eat! OH MY! Alfred was taste testing the Barefoot Pinot Grigio and gave it a "thumbs" up.

Midway through the festivities, John got us all together outside and read the Declaration of Independence. Something we don't hear often enough.

A wonderful time was had by all and hopefully we will all be together there next year!

Thanks Donna and Carl for your terrific hospitality!

Wine food pairing on the 4th of July. CHEERS!

God Bless America!

Wine food pairing on this special Independence Day ..... always a time for good food with great friends and family. We plan on visiting some friends for a traditional BBQ. What could be better for the fourth?

My contribution will be the "deviled" eggs .... my special secret? Promise you won't tell anyone? OK......

Whip the hard boiled yolk with a bit of miracle whip light, pickled relish, Janes "crazy mixed up" salt, paprika and a touch of mustard. I take a zip lock bag, cut a small hole in one corner and "pipe" the mixture back into the egg white shell. Top with a small slice of jalapeno pepper and a sprinkle of paprika and we are good to go to the party!

Of course, I will bring a spot of wine along also ... I think I will go with the Bohemian Highway Chardonnay ... with its pear and apple flavors and a touch of citrus I think it will be the perfect pairing for all the tasty BBQ ahead.

I'm excited and of course I will take pictures to share, so stay turned for the party photos!

Lest we not forget .... we do need to pause for a moment in our fourth of July celebrations to give thanks for all the men and women who gave so much for us so we can live in this land of the free and the home of the brave.

God Bless America!

Tangy Tsatsiki and Refreshing Spritzer

Top 10 wine food pairing in the summer is so much different than in the cooler winter months. In the winter I like a lot of red wines for the full bodied richness and in the summer, well the summer needs cool, light and crisp.

A favorite that I have enjoyed for many years is the white wine spritzer. In Europe it is very popular also, and that is where I really began to like them. Not only do spritzers cool you down, but with the added sparkling mineral water it just gives the body some extra needed hydration.

So, I got out my very favorite Tervis tumblers that state proudly "It's five o'clock somewhere" and whipped up a couple for my husband and myself. I like to use my own fizzy water that I make with my soda club machine.

The soda club machine is a nifty device for people that are ready to go "green" and not have all the extra plastic bottles around. The machine comes with a CO2 bottle and a couple of special reusable plastic bottles and you simply make your own club soda with your purified water from home! Cool beans.

Pour your club soda over ice and then add your favorite wine and you are good to go! YUM!

Earlier in the day I had whipped up some of our favorite Greek appetizer called tsatsiki. For any garlic lovers out there this is simply the best! Grate peeled cucumbers into a large bowl, dice as much garlic as you like ... we like a lot ... chop up some fresh dill and stir in nonfat plain yogurt. S&P to taste and let the flavors marry in the fridge for a few hours.

I serve this with toasted slices of baguette placed around the bowl of tsatsiki and let everyone dip! What a refreshing summer afternoon treat!

Wine food pairing, what fun. CHEERS!

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