Wine Food Pairing, Who's Your Nacho Mama?

Wine Food Pairing asks the extremely important question....who's your Nacho Mama? Well, me of course!

For those quick snacks when someone stops over during the holiday season, what better way spice up the party and have your guests ringing their jingle bells than a quick plate of Nachos?

This is the really fast version of this recipe. I layer tortilla chips on a microwavable plate and drop refried beans right from the can onto the chips. Finely dice some jalapeno peppers and sprinkle them, along with your favorite salsa and Mexican cheese on top. Pop into the micro and nuke on high for 1 1/2 minutes. It's a beautiful thing!

To keep with the festive mood, pop the cork on some bubbly. Believe it or not, champagne has a lot of the same "tasting" properties as beer......and everyone knows that beer goes with nachos. My favorite is sparkling wine is Freixinet Brut, dry and tasty!

So next time you want to have a wine food pairing adventure, think nachos and champagne! CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - Brussel Sprouts, the Forgotten Food

Wine Food Pairing with brussel Sprouts.....didn't your Mom always try to make you eat these little guys? I have always been "sprout" resistant until my friends Dorian and Jeff shared a delicious recipe for a marinade with me. This makes a terrific appetizer or side dish!

Bring home brussel sprouts from your favorite fresh market and half or quarter them depending on their size, slice up a sweet Vidalia onion and white button mushrooms. Combine red wine vinegar, soy sauce (I use the light sodium kind) and a good olive oil and throw everything into a ziploc bag for about four hours to marinade.

When the time is right, and your pan is sizzling, place your "sprout" mix in the pan and let the heat do its magic. Let the onions caramelize and the sprouts brown and soften up a bit. HOLY COW! This is tasty.

I paired this with Tres Valles Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. The tropical flavors of this gold colored wine complimented the brussel sprouts perfectly. YUMMY!

Have you had your sprouts today? Wine Food Pairing wants to know! CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing ... Lift your Spirits!

What better way to lift your spirits than Wine Food Pairing?

I belong to an exclusive wine club and every 3 months I receive a terrific case of mixed wines. These wines are specifically chosen for my wine tastes and it never fails to thrill me. Every 3 months it is like Christmas!

Winter here in Florida, where it is just a bit chilly ( just kidding!) there is nothing better than to sit by the fireside and enjoy one of my latest wine selections. Tasting notes are also included so you'll have an idea of what you might want to pair with each wine selection.

Many of these wine "treasures" come from the small vineyards that you might miss if it were not for the wine clubs efforts.

Discover the world of wine food pairing ...... be adventurous and try something new. CHEERS!

If you would like to take part in a special introductory offer just e-mail me at Include your name, address (postal and e-mail) and phone. I'll make sure that you are contacted about the details.

Wine Food Pairing - a Time of Thanks!

Thanksgiving is an event made just for wine food pairing! A time to reflect on all of our blessings, to sit back and enjoy the fellowship of your friends and family and to sip wonderful wine.

My husband and I traveled clear across the street to our friends Joanna and Jim for a neighborhood feast of turkey, ham and all of the traditional side dishes as well as a few new ones. Everybody brought something, but the bulk of the work was really done by Joanna and Jim.

We sat in their lanai on the the Marco River sipping a tasty red table wine by the Heron Hills Winery from the finger lakes region of New York and sampling appetizers. Everyone enjoyed the sunset, as we watched the fiery ball drop into the Gulf of Mexico, and then the lights from Marco Island reflecting off the river. WOW....spectacular!

As the evening progressed and the turkey became the main event, we switched to Rkatsiteli, an award winning white wine from Vinifera Wine Cellars originating from the same finger lakes area. This wine with its crisp acidity and fruity, spicy accents paired beautifully with the big bird. YUM!

When the evening came to an end, I realized that my blessings are many. A terrific Thanksgiving feast. Wine Food Pairing. CHEERS!

To check out these terrific wines you can visit their web sites at:


Red Table Wine

Wine Food Pairing - Big Steak deserves a Big Wine!

Hot off the grill .... wine food pairing ..... a big steak deserves a big wine!

When friends stop by unexpectedly what better way to make the evening a success than to burn a few steaks on the grill? It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to serve a few guests. I always rub a little extra virgin olive oil on the meat and pat a bit of my favorite dry rub on. To make the steaks terrifically tender I bring out my "secret" weapon! The meat stabber. I found this device at a restaurant supply warehouse and it has been "ace" in the hole for many years. It will make the toughest meat melt in your mouth tender without adding chemicals....SUPER!

I opened a bottle of Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot from Chile ......... ruby-like, bright in color with red plum and varietal characteristics. It is Medium dry, medium body and complimented the thick BBQ steaks wonderfully. Even the non wine drinkers loved it!

Make Wine Food Pairing simple, sometimes the basics are the best. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - a spicy goulash with?

A spiced up goulash made for a terrific Wine Food Pairing treat!

We had a wonderful looking pork tenderloin that was just "begging" to be cooked up....what to do? How about a spiced Hungarian goulash....spicy enough to clear your sinuses and make your eyebrows sweat.

Equal parts onion and cubed pork, red wine, Hungarian hot paprika and a special seasoning packet that we brought over from Europe....WOW!!!! We had the whole neighborhood drooling.

We paired this with an Australian Shiraz and it stood up to the challenge and brought the best out of both the wine and the stew. Wine Food Pairing with pork. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - How about Goat Cheese?

Goat Cheese and Wine Food Pairing ...... why not?

Goat cheese is one of the most versatile of cheeses. Sometimes called Chevre, the French word for goat, it has a unique flavor and aroma. For a quick appetizer I sometimes mix this tasty cheese together with some extra virgin olive oil and chop up some fresh herbs...dill is my favorite and mix this in also. To make your guests think you've slaved all day in the kitchen I will pipe, using a baggie with the end snipped off, onto seasoned crackers that I have arranged on a nice platter.

Garnish with a sprig of fresh dill and you have a terrific treat!

I always like to pair this with a Tres Valles Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. It has the bright acidity that jumps out at you and pairs wonderfully with the earthy, tangy flavor of the goat cheese. The best of both worlds!

Goat cheese and Sauvignon Blanc make for a SUPER Wine Food Pairing. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - 14 Hands at Ruth's!

Wine Food Pairing with Friends at Ruth Chris Steak House.

What a terrific time was had by all! What's not to love about a tender, melt in your mouth steak, that is perfectly grilled and seasoned to perfection? The steaks were served on on their signature "sizzling" out, they are darn hot!

The question, what to wine pair with such a delightful treat? I went back to my Washington State roots for this one. I chose the 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon from the Columbia Valley ..... with the aromas of berries and cherries and the soft, round tannins created a wonderful combination with the hearty steak.......YUMMY!

We lingered for three hours enjoying the food, wine and good company. Wine Food Pairing is the best when enjoyed with others! CHEERS!

For more information on this terrific wine you can visit :

Wine Food Pairing .... Chestnuts Roasting over ....

Try Wine Food Pairing while roasting chestnuts over an open fire.

What could be better than peeling open these hot, tasty nuts while sipping a glass of chilled wine?

My first experience came while visiting the grounds of the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna. It was a windy, bitter cold afternoon and my husband spied the "maroni" stand. Maroni is what the Austrians call these YUMMY guys and there are street stands with vendors that "roast" the nuts on the fires while you watch. NEATO! A super way to warm up your hands.

Now that we have returned from Europe, I located some chestnuts in our local Publix store in Florida....what a find! Of course, we don't have an open fire to roast our chestnuts, so I "Googled" up a recipe....sure enough....there it was.

Wipe the chestnuts down so they are free of dirt and place them on a thick dish towel (so they won't roll around!).
Take a sharp knife and cut and "X" in the top to let steam escape.
Place on a cookie sheet and put them into a 425 degree preheated oven.
Check after about 15 minutes to see if the shell is peeling back.
Try peeling one and see if the shell and the brown "skin" peels off. When this happens they are done.
Remember to warn your guests because these guys are DARN HOT!

Serve them on a platter for all to peel and have a salt shaker close by. Some people love the salt taste, but I like mine just plain.

I paired the chestnuts with a chilled Chardonnay from Oakton Lane......with just a hint of spice and vanilla it was the perfect compliment for the rich nuts.

Enjoy Wine Food Pairing with your friends. CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing at the Southport Raw Bar

Wine Food Pairing should be a lot of fun! Last week my husband and I visited Fort Lauderdale and decided to lunch at one of our old favorites, the Southport Raw Bar.

Located at the end of a canal, the water view is great when you sit outside on the patio. The atmosphere is casual, friendly and it is difficult not to have a great time. I always enjoy watching all the boating activity.

To start out I had a crisp Pinot Grigio from Folonari and browsed the many delicious seafood items to choose from. We finally decided to start out with the smoked fish dip and then Caesar salads with blackened Mahi Mahi as our entree....YUMMY!

The Florida fall day was at its best with bright blue skies, the food and wine were delish and the company was the BEST! Wine Food Pairing in the Florida Sunshine! CHEERS!

For more information on the Southport Raw Bar in Fort Lauderdale you can go their website at:

Wine Food Pairing, a Birthday Party!

Wine Food Pairing, a birthday party at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Our friend Hans celebrated his 69th birthday, quite a milestone, and as European custom dictates, the birthday boy or girl invites and pays for everything! WOW! I wonder how the customs became reversed in America?

I had a terrific top sirloin steak and a seafood risotto, very good indeed. Hans ordered several bottles of a California red wine....Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon and it paired wonderfully with all the steaks that were eaten at the table. This full bodied wine even stood up to the delicious dark chocolate dessert that we enjoyed afterwards!

Wine Food Pairing with friends celebrating a birthday party! CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - a Stone Crab Feast in Florida!

Wine Food Pairing a stone crab feast in Florida!

Stone Crab claws, harvested in the waters off the southern tip of Florida, make for some of the tastiest crab meat of all. The meat is sweet, delicious and is eaten with drawn butter or, my favorite, a homemade mustard sauce. The season for these succulent crustaceans is October 15th thru May 15th and is well worth a trip down to the "sunshine" state to taste them fresh....YUM!!!!

We picked up ten pounds of the claws and made a whole neighborhood feast with everyone contributing to the bounty! Our friends, the Smith's, brought over a wine that paired beautifully with the crab.......a Rkatsiteli by Dr. Konstantin Frank and the Vinifera Wine Cellars. This fruity white wine with a light herbaceous aroma reminded me a lot of the Rieslings from Austria. Simply wonderful!

This is what wine food pairing is all about.....great friends, the freshest of foods and award winning wines! CHEERS!

For more information on this wonderful wine from the Finger Lakes region of New York go to their website:

Wine Food Pairing - Patty's Pork Pulling Party!

Wine Food Pairing at Patty's Pork Pulling Party!

Pulling this mouth watering pork apart to make BBQ sandwiches can be thirsty work.

We paired this tasty swine with a red table wine from the finger lakes region of New York. My friends Joanna and Jim brought this wine down to Florida from the Heron Hills Winery....full bodied and with slight oak overtones it combined wonderfully with the pork shoulder that had been carefully rubbed, smoked and roasted by Pat and Bob.

Who would think that pulling pork could be so much fun. Wine Food Pairing at its best! CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing ... a Halloween Treat!

Wine Food Pairing, treat yourself on Halloween to something special!

Who said that the trick or treat holiday was only for kids? I came up with a yummy shrimp treat that everyone enjoyed. I combined pinto beans, or any white bean with a sauce of shrimp, garlic, onions, tomatoes and lot's of fresh basil....OH BOY! It was terrific!

We paired this with Cavit Pinot Grigio 2005. The light, dry, slightly acidic taste combined beautifully with the slightly acidic tomato sauce and shrimp.

Who wants to come to my house next Halloween? Wine Food Pairing, tick or treat! CHEERS!

Wine Food Pairing - Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna!

Wine Food Pairing across the street from the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. This impressive castle is the show place from the great Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Friends and I lunched at the Cafe Della Lucia a wonderful Italian restaurant.

We were seated in the solarium enjoying an autumn afternoon, a bit cloudy, but all the live plants making it seem a cheerful place to have a glass of wine and a bite to eat.

The server realized that I was American and brought me an English menu....GREAT! I ordered pasta Arrabbiata....the sauce was a spiced mix of bacon, onion, chili's, mushrooms and tomato...all served over a fresh angel hair pasta. WOW!!!!! I paired this with a glass of Blaufrankisch, a local medium bodied red wine. The spice of the wine enhanced that "bite" of the sauce.....YUM!!!

Wine Food Pairing, make it an adventure! CHEERS!