Wine Food Pairing - What to do with Zuchini?

Wine food pairing is always looking for new and exciting ways to prepare zuchini. This time of year it is so bountiful and let's face it guys, it is very healthy! But, alas, it seems if you have 1 zuchini, you have 100 ... and I don't know about you , but these guys grow to be humongous ... I mean you can dress them up and take them out for a ride ... LOL!

OK, enough of this silliness ... it is still HOT in Florida and sometimes it is just nice to have a light veggie meal versus a heavy meat laden one. So I took my "squash" and sliced up several, quite thin with my mandolin ... long ways ... like lasagne noodles and layered them in a glass casserole dish along with marinara sauce, chopped basil, fresh mushrooms and sliced sweet vidalias. Between each layer I sprinkled various cheeses ... a sharp cheddar, mozzarela and them a grated parm. On the very top went some panko bread crumbs along with the cheese.

Popped into the 375 degree oven for 45 minutes. The last 10 minutes I slid a tray of my very awesome garlic bread in to toast up. I could tell right away that it would be scrumptious from the aroma's coming from the oven ... oh MY!

I paired this ""lasagne" with a Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Chile. This is a clean bright wine, straw in color has slightly greenish hues. Fresh, citrus with notes of peaches and hints of gooseberry it made the meal a hit!

What's not to love about wine and food that is at its very peak of freshness? Wine food pairing is sometimes about the creation of simple, fresh meals. CHEERS!

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Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc 2008 tasting notes. will put this bottle to test very soon.

Chef E said...

I went back to see my oldest post, because I did not remember when I started, and saw you made a comment on my Potato Leek Soup.

This picture is hysterical, only because most people eat squash like this to add a different veggie to their diets (my observation/opinion); some love it, some hate it, but most tolerate it. I love it, and could think of a great way to stuff that one!

I just counted your blogs, oh my goodness girl you stay busier than I do! Okay I have a few hours, lets see if I can read them all!


Denise Clarke said...

... LOL ... !

Laura in Paris said...

What a zucchini! Have never seen anything like that!
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Laura in Paris said...

I recommend you read an article in this week's The Economist. Research has shown (at last!) why you naturally do not pair red wine with fish ... Very interesting!

Narender Kumar said...

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nice blog

Laura in Paris said...

Hi Denise, get to work! Here I am again, because I'd like you to check my blog, I have awarded you the Honest Scarp Award - and start thinking what ten truths you're going to tell!