Wine Food Pairing ... Fun from Florida to Vienna

Adventures of wine food pairing is all about the fun you can have around the world with friends that you have known for many years.

This particular adventure began about 10 years ago when our friend Viktor came to Florida for a visit. Viktor is from Hungary and lest you think we might have trouble communicating, you need to know that Viktor lived several years in Australia and perfected his English skills "down under" before he went back to his Hungarian homeland.

Now, imagine having a Crocodile Dundee in your home cooking up a storm, serving up wine, food and humor with an Aussie twist .. LOL!

I caught Big Al and Viktor filling up their health drink bottles with chilled Pinot Grigio ... HEhehehe ... gotcha!

Bringing this saga to the present .... Big Al just recently shared "schnitzel" with Viktor and his Hungarian friend Tomas in Breitenau Austria ... I did mention that these wine food pairing adventures are worldwide .... anyway, the boys were served up some awesome food at Gasthaus Tauchner

...... Tanja and Franz Tauchner always have great food.

Now I, unfortunately, am drooling back in the United States and they only sent me a picture of the goodies ....

Wine food pairing ... have an octal of zweigelt for me, please.


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Laura in Paris said...

What a joyful group! And welcome back ...