Wine Food Pairing ... Back in Austria!

Wine food pairing is back in Austria for the summer.  We have been busy getting ready to get ready for the long stay.  Plans are to work on the main headquarters here, re-acquaint ourselves with life in Europe and of course drink some darn fine wine!

For our first adventure we visited the city of Graz, Austria.  One of the coolest places to wander around is the Farmer's market ... known as the "Bauermarkt".  We took the opportunity to pick up a couple of liters of some of the tastiest pumpkin seed oil around.  Graz is the heart of Styria where this liquid gold is produced!

Enjoy the quick video of BigAl, Houdini and our friend Rudy ...

Yes, wine was consumed, but unfortunately my battery died before I got the pictures.  This just goes to show you that wine food pairing is not the easy job it appears to be ... LOL!

So, be sure to follow along, there should be many more wine food pairing adventures to follow!

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Laura in Paris said...

Enjoy your stay in Austria!!!