Wine Food Pairing A Special Treat in Vienna

Wine food pairing once again made the trek into Vienna to visit one of our good friends, Winnie Dichtl.  Dr. Dichlt has been a close friend of Big Al's for probably 40 years now and he is the only one that Big Al allows to touch his teeth and I agree.

Well, once we were done in the office we walked over to a local eatery to enjoy some super food and conversation.  The Kolonitz Beisl is just around the corner from the office and is well known for its local Austrian food as well as some delicious vegetarian dishes.

I went for a a vegetarian daily special called "Spinat gefüllt Palacinke" which translated is a spinach stuffed crepe like pancake ... served with a creamy garlic sauce ... it was heavenly to say the least!  To start ... a creamy carrot soup ... oh my goodness.  This lunch was so filling that I shared with Alfred and still was full at dinner time.

Wine?  Did anyone ask about wine with lunch .... of course!  Actually, we all had Sturm.   We are at the beginning of "Sturm" season and all the gasthaus' have little billboards advertising this special Austrian "juice".   I have written about sturm before ... actually about the first time I was introduced to it ... the guys thought it hilarious to tell me it was carbonated juice and got me totally blasted.  It is, in fact, a very young, yeasty wine that tastes very sweet and has a high alcohol content.  There is rot (red) Sturm and weiss (white) Sturm.  I chose the red yesterday because I think the "rot" is pretty.  I am a such connoisseur ... hehehe ....

Wine food pairing .... another adventure ... this time in Vienna Austria


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