Wine Food Pairing - Birthday Celebration in Trujillo Honduras!

Wine food pairing can be done anywhere in the world. This year my birthday, April 5th, was celebrated in Trujillo Honduras. Trujillo is a small city on the coast of northern Honduras. It just so happens that our innkeeper and new friend Gunter was celebrating his birthday also ..... what a co-inky-dink!

Gunter and his wife Paula own Casa Alemania, a homey hotel right on the beach. Gunter hails from Germany and his wife is Honduran, but actually spent many years living in US, both were wonderful hosts. As soon as we realized that we shared our most important date, Gunter broke out the sparkling wine, a French Montparnasse, demi-sec. What a tasty way to start the day. We paired this up with a typical Honduran breakfast of ranchos huervos, plantains and frijoles.

Everyone, even Houdini, agreed that this is the way to do wine food pairing! CHEERS!

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