Cinco de Mayo ... the Sequel ... no Wine!

Wine food pairing, minus the wine equals Cinco de Mayo ... the sequel! It seems that we simply began where we left off after last years May 1st Pelican street event!

Aunt Patti put on her apron and got busy making all kinds of Mexican inspired treats and goodies. Uncle Brewski cranked up the industrial sized Margarita maker ... everyone in the room stopped talking while the sharp blades chopped up the ice for our favorite beverage of the night. I'm not sure if that was due to awe of this magnificent machine or the fact it was so darn loud that the neighbors across the bay could hear it working ... lol!

Jean brought a camera and her party hat ... that hat went a long way in our entertainment factor for the evening ... perhaps it was the hot peppers she had tied to the brim at a sporty angle! Even Bentley Brown got into the action ... he looked might handsome ... too bad he is only a consultant, "golden"girls ... lol!

Homemade guacamole, salsa's added to this traditional ... er ... non-traditional feast ... only to be topped off with Joanna's obscenely wonderful candy bar brownies ... OH MY!!!!

Everyone had a few too many icey beverages and ate a lot of great food. Only Jim drank wine ... a nice Chilean red ... otherwise it was a non wine food pairing event!

Cinco de Mayo on Pelican street ... Ole` !

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