Wine Food Pairing visits Freddie Mitchell BBQ

Wine food pairing will always jump at the chance to have some lip smackin', bone suckin' BBQ!

We recently stopped in at Brother's BBQ, owned by former Philadelphia Eagle Freddie Mitchell ... what a treat! The restaurant serves a large plateful of delicious meaty ribs for under $10 and this comes with a choice of 2 homemade side dishes.

The real treat was the special BBQ sauce ... I asked Freddie, yes, he was passing through the restaurant keeping the diners entertained ... what was in the sauce. He wouldn't give me the secret recipe, but would say that it was mustard based ... I bought some to take home and I still haven't come close to duplicating it with its depth and richness...

It was a terrific meal and next time we pass by Lakeland, Florida we will be sure to stop in again ... the only thing missing was the wine list ...Wine food pairing with sweet iced tea ... LOL:-)



Jim @ said...

I love a good BBQ, in fact we had ribs on Saturday night from one of the local places. The smoker is very cool, wish I had one!!

Jane said...

I'll have to remember this place the next time we're in Florida. I do love me some good BBQ! Have you ever eaten at Dinosaur BB!? There are a couple in Syracuse, NY. Soooo good!

Don't know much about wine, so I'm looking forward to learning more from your site!