Wine Food Pairing - What's Good-a about Gouda and Wine?

Wine Food Pairing, Gouda and wine is not just good-a, it's great!

Gouda is a terrific cheese originally from the town of Gouda in the Netherlands. It is normally made from cows milk, but recently goats milk Gouda, that has a tangier taste, has been gaining popularity in Europe as well as the US. It has a mild, nutty flavor with an even, creamy texture that goes great with fresh fruit or can be grated over potatoes for a yummy rich taste. The Dutch even use it to make a special fondue called kaadsoop served with potatoes and rye bread.

The Gouda also comes smoked or with herbs such as cumin or pepper ... the sky is the limit!

You can tell how long the Gouda has been aged many times by the color of the wax rind on the cheese, with red being the "youngest" of the cheeses.

I love Red wines with Gouda, but especially Chianti for the smoked variety...the nutty earthiness of the wine really compliments the cheese. Try a petite Syrah to pair with the goats milk Gouda, as the blackberry and bramble flavors in the wine pair well with the mild animal flavors of the cheese.

Have fun with Wine Food Pairing and "Gouda" luck! CHEERS!

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