Wine Food Pairing - Lane Snapper from the Gulf of Mexico!

Lane Snapper, sometimes confused with the similar colored Red Snapper, is just terrific for Wine Food Pairing!

It is delicate in texture and taste and preferred by many Floridians over its other snapper cousins. Our friends Pat and Bob recently had us over to their newly remodeled kitchen for a fish feast. Fresh off the boat, Bob had just reeled in a bounty of Lane Snapper from the Gulf of Mexico.

Pat breaded the fillets with Japanese Panko bread crumbs. I had never heard of this type of coating before, but found out that they are typically made from the soft, tender centers of bread, rather than from the crust, resulting in a more crunchy texture and uniform color when fried.

Lighter than traditional bread crumbs, they maintain essential crispiness longer, and contain considerably less salt and calories. Absorbing far less grease than Western bread crumbs, they are indeed a somewhat healthier alternative.

We paired this delightful entree with a yellow gold Pinot Grigio from Bella Sera. This medium bodied wine with its crisp, clean flavors was the perfect compliment to the meal.

You can never go wrong with wine food pairing when you use the freshest ingredients.

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