Wine Food Pairing 2009 Isles of Capri Boat Parade

Wine food pairing ... every year at this time the folks on my street start to party and what better reason to get together and celebrate than the 2009 Isles of Capri Boat Parade!

We all gathered across the street at our friend and neighbors house, the Smith's and had a terrific time. Joanna, being a wonderful hostess, as well as a terrific cook, had a Ziti Feast that was to die for ... I paired this hearty fare with a Concha Y'Toro Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. This red wine paired well with the ziti, as well as those divinely delicious brownies that she makes ... YUMMO!

Now, while we all munched and sipped on our wine and food extravaganza, the sun was dipping into the Gulf of Mexico. We waited breathlessly for a green flash, but alas, the only show was to come later, when the boats from our tiny Isles put on their finest display as they cruised past us on the Marco River.

Take a watch of my video and see what you think ....

Wine food pairing along with good friends make for a terrific evening. CHEERS!

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