Wine Food Pairing - Adventure in Linsberg Austria

Wine food pairing has the opportunity for wine adventures at every turn.  BigAl and I recently met our friend Herbert at the Castle Tavern, also known as the Schlosstaverne in Linsberg .  This cool little place is run buy a husband and wife team that are friendly, serve yummy local food and have portions so large that will be asking for a doggie bag.  Of course, we bring Houdini Clarke with us so no need for the bag ... LOL!

Houdini really likes the roasted turkey ... one of my faves ... but the Austrian boys opted for some "pig" parts.  I went with the Zweigelt ... a local red wine and the guys started with beer, but ended up with red wine also.

To get the full "scoop" just watch the video and enjoy!

Wine food pairing ... an Adventure in Linsberg.  CHEERS!

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