Wine Food Pairing - A Treat from Thailand

Wine food pairing is always an adventure and last night we had the opportunity to enjoy terrific Thai food, awesome wine and the company of old, as well as new, friends.

An invitation from BigAl's childhood friend, artist Franz Strebinger, to partake of his wife, Busaba's, authentic Thai cuisine is something that is always a delight, but in addition we met vintners from the Fischer Heuriger.

The Fischer family has been making top quality Austrian wines since 1953 ... does it get any better?  They shared with us the care that is taken with each bottle, the long months that each wine ferments in oak barrels ... the use of oak in wine plays a significant role in their winemaking and has a profound effect on the resulting wine ... affecting the color, flavor ... even the texture of the wine.

Let me tell you ... the spicy Thai food and the wonderful "reds" from the Fischer Heuriger made for a wine food pairing that was second to none!

Of course the evening wouldn't be complete without an after dinner schnapps ... this is typical for Austrian dinners ... I have been told that it is strictly a digestive aid, but usually they taste pretty darn good!  Franz brought out a special Thai whiskey ... it was mellow, but definitely had a "kick" ... YIKES!

All in all, a wonderful time was had by all with the wine and food flowing freely ... who said that Red wines only go with beef?  CHEERS!

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