Wine Food Pairing at the Breitenau Frühschoppen

Wine food pairing just spent an exciting Sunday in Breitneau, Austria ... I was promised that we would go Sunday "frühschoppen" at the "Feuerwehr Breitenau", or firehouse.  Well, you guys know that my German is poor, even on a good day, but for some reason I was thinking that there would be "FREE shopping" ... sounded like a plan to me ... LOL!

Well, much to my surprise "Frühschoppen" has absolutely nothing to do with shopping, let alone FREE shopping.  It is a type of brunch event ... well, let's say it is a meal after church and before lunch, but let me tell you it lasted until way after dinner time.

We walked to the firehouse .... an enjoyable jaunt for BigAl, Houdini and me with the weather in the mid 70's.  The circus tent was in place, music playing from Musikerein Breitenau and the crowd eating, drinking and gossiping.

A quick gander at the menu and I made a decision on the surschnitzel ...  "brined" pork that is then "schnitzeled" .... what better beverage to pair this traditional Austrian treat than  a refreshing white wine spritzer  from a Welsch-Riesling made locally here in Lower Austria.  In fact, it was so tasty that after a while I decided to skip the spritzer and just go the wine all by itself ... fresh, light and fruity ... YUMMO!

In addition to the great music, wine and food they had events for the kids and a raffle with all kinds of goodies donated from local shop owners ... what more could you want?

Take a look at the quick video that I made ...

Wine food pairing ... CHEERS!

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