Wine Food Pairing, Who's Your Nacho Mama?

Wine Food Pairing asks the extremely important question....who's your Nacho Mama? Well, me of course!

For those quick snacks when someone stops over during the holiday season, what better way spice up the party and have your guests ringing their jingle bells than a quick plate of Nachos?

This is the really fast version of this recipe. I layer tortilla chips on a microwavable plate and drop refried beans right from the can onto the chips. Finely dice some jalapeno peppers and sprinkle them, along with your favorite salsa and Mexican cheese on top. Pop into the micro and nuke on high for 1 1/2 minutes. It's a beautiful thing!

To keep with the festive mood, pop the cork on some bubbly. Believe it or not, champagne has a lot of the same "tasting" properties as beer......and everyone knows that beer goes with nachos. My favorite is sparkling wine is Freixinet Brut, dry and tasty!

So next time you want to have a wine food pairing adventure, think nachos and champagne! CHEERS!

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