Wine Food Pairing - Oldtimer Road Trip!

Wine food pairing has been a lot of fun in Austria, but our time is getting short here. Six weeks has gone by in a flash and we are on the downward slide, so to speak. We are starting our trip home to Florida by taking a road trip ... from Breitenau, Austria to Munich, Germany .... eventually and then catch a flight to the USA.

It will take us a couple of days .. not because it is all that far, but we plan on enjoying ourselves along the way!

A stop we always make on our road trips is to the Oldtimer Restaurant. These motorway eateries that dot the Austrian autobahn's always have great food ... you can either order off the menu or go the the food bar where you can find almost any type of food you want.

Crazy advertisements, also!

We are about 3 hours into our trip and it is a perfect time to stop and "rest" ... lol!

The Oldtimer has fuel as well a restaurant and plenty of grass for Houdini to exercise his little legs.

A little lunch and a little wine ... after all I am not driving ... you think these guys would let me drive on the autobahn???? I enjoy the back seat with Houdini!

A quick coffee for the road ... I had a melange .... a Viennese specialty .... half coffee and half frothed milk ... so tasty and always served with mineral water on the side, very European!

Back into the car for another hour of fun!

Wine food pairing takes a road trip ... always an adventure.  CHEERS!


doggybloggy said...

what a nice trip....

A World in a PAN said...

Now who would like to identify to the mouth that swallows in a big gulp so much pollution! Not me. Ha ha. (I definetly do not like "All you can eat" Restaurants)