Wine Food Pairing - Munchin or Bust!

Wine food pairing hits the road once again and this time we are going to make it to Munich .... we go by way of Grieskirchen, the small village where BigAl was born. Actually, the closest we got was the sign post, but all the same it was a trip down memory lane!

We get on the freeway ... or autobahn ... that interesting road system where you have the unusual dichotomy of very expensive cars going very fast and normal cars going semi fast and then a whole lot of truck traffic that would like to go fast, but can't and they make you crazy ... !

This picture shows us entering Germany from Austria. The EU "states" have no official border patrol crossings and it is terrific that traffic is no longer backed up while very official "guys" with big guns scrutinize your passport and decide if you may pass into their country. Just having to go through one of those crossings makes you feel guilty .. remember the time you snuck that extra cookie when no one was looking ... lol?

YIPPEEE!!!! We are finally in Munich!

We go to our friend Juergen's apartment in the Schwabing district where we will spend the night and some quality time chatting, eating and drinking ... what are friends all about?

Juergen has an eight floor penthouse that has a terrific wraparound deck that gives you wonderful views of Munich. You can see a lot of park area as well as skylines of this pretty neat city. Off to the left a few blocks we can see the stadium that was used for the Munich Olympics ... this evening, blue neon lights ring the top of it signifying which soccer team will be playing.

Many years ago, the Schwabing district was known for its "Bohemian" culture, but now it is one of the more sought after places to live in the city because you have access to just about

We take a short walk up the tree lined street and come to an Italian restaurant.

This fall afternoon is perfect for the outdoor garden setting. The food is diverse and plentiful . The Chianti is a wonderful pairing for all the dishes.

Cousin Franz is checking out the Octopus. YIKES! I have never been a big fan of it, but Franz said it was great and Houdini gave it a "4 tail wag"!

I went with shrimp fettucine with a marinara sauce and loved it. It had just enough heat in it to make it interesting. The Chianti cooled the palate right down!

A great late afternoon meal ..... our last in Europe for a while ....

Wine food pairing bids our second home goodbye. CHEERS!

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