Wine Food Pairing Visits Waizenkirchen .... !

Wine food pairing makes an overnight stop to visit some of BigAl's relatives before we get to Munchin.  Cousin Franz has graciously been chauffering us around and our evening stop is to visit his sister and her family in Waizenkirchen.

The Austrian's are always such terrific hosts and out came the bottles of wine ... a local Blauer Zweigelt and a large platter of cheeses and cold cuts ..... teamed up with fresh bread and pickles and other assorted peppers and veggies ... YUMMO!

Here we are in their comfy kitchen with the "boys" Wolfgang and Christian.

You can see that the tableware is from Gmunder Keramik.  This is used in almost all of the households in Austria ... BigAl and I have a set also ... and it seems that these are all hand made and known worldwide for their distinctive green ripple design!

Another comfortable evening in Austria for the wine food pairing adventurers.  CHEERS!

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