Wine Food Pairing - a Tasty Tinhof Treat

A get together with Cousin Michaela and some of her friends turns into quite the celebration when the Blaufrankisch Rose is poured!

We are at Weingut Tinhof, of course, a place that we enjoy for the terrific wines as well as the traditional food. Hans and his wife Angelika always make us feel so welcome.

I chose the "ham bread" ... as you can see, it is an open faced sandwich served on a dense rye bread and topped off with delicious ham, peppers, pickles and grated horseradish that has enough zing to make me whistle dixie!

Cousin Franz had a veggie platter and the produce was taken right out of the garden ... YUMMO!

Alfred and Houdini went for various "wursts" that I like to call "mystery meat" due to the fact I really don't want to know all the preparation details!

A great time was had by all .... another successful wine food pairing. CHEERS!

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Bellini Valli said...

Sounds like one of those memorable meals:D