Wine Food Pairing ...... A long flight to Europe!

I am preparing for a long transatlantic flight to Europe and I will be traveling with my little Maltese, Houdini in the cabin with me. It will be a 9 ½ hr. flight from Ft. Myers, Florida to Munich, Germany to meet my husband, who will then drive us to Vienna, where we are staying. Wine Food Pairing is not high on my priority list at this time, but I get a call from my friends and neighbors, Carol and Jim and they would like to stop over for a quick goodbye .... I am packed and ready to leave....just more pacing about to do, but that really isn't important. I meet them at the door and Jim hands me a bag and tells me to be is open....YIKES!!!!!! Santa Margarita Pinot VERY FAVORITE!!!!! OK .... no need to pace anymore! This is what good friends are all about!

We move out into the entertainment room that is usually bright and cheery, but at this time it is closed up in preparation for my 2 month doesn't matter....good wine....GREAT friends....what more is there? Wine Friends Pairing!

Plastic cups with wonderful wine, relaxing conversation between friends and I am now ready for the next step on my journey.....the doorbell rings and the limo is here to take Houdini and me to the airport.....a few quick goodbyes with my friends and I am off to my next Wine Food Pairing adventure! CHEERS!

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