Wine Food Pairing .... are there Pyramids in Vienna?

Wine Food Pairing in a Pyramid? In Vienna? Go figure!

A very stylish hotel convention center in Vienna, Austria is the Pyramid Hotel which is indeed built like a very large glass pyramid. This is where Houdini (my Maltese) and I met my friend, Sigi, for a glass of wonderful Austrian red wine, Zweigelt. This rich smooth wine paired beautifully with the cheese plate we nibbled on....some Brie, a "stinky" blue and a few fresh grapes on the side!

Relaxing on the plush leather couches, people watching and enjoying our time together, we saw several people walking through the lobby and bar in bathrobes....unusual to see. Sigi explained to me that there is a terrific wellness area in the hotel and it is quite normal for the Europeans to wander about in their robes! YIKES!

As I always say, Wine Food Pairing is an never know what you'll run into next! So, go out and enjoy what the wine world has to offer. CHEERS!

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