Wine Food Pairing - Mushroom Schnitzel and ?

Wine Food Pairing in Austria....such an adventure!

September is the time of year in Austria when foraging for wild mushrooms is at its peak. These fungi are found in the mountains right after a bit of rain, when the sun comes out.......of course, you need to have local knowledge of these treats lest you end up in the local ER or worse!

We had the good fortune to be invited to a friends home in Austria for a wonderful meal of wild mushrooms prepared "schnitzel" style!

The large mushroom caps were cut into smaller pieces and the stems discarded. The pieces were dredged in flour, egg wash, bread crumbs and sauteed to a golden brown.......served with rice pilaf and crispy green salad it made for a terrific vegetarian meal.

We paired this tasty treat with a German Sparkling Reisling....absolutely wonderful! Wine Food Pairing is an adventure to be go out and try something new! CHEERS!

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