Wine Food Pairing - a Greek adventure!

Wine Food Pairing American having a Greek adventure in Austria!

This local taverna in Linz, Austria came highly recommended by our local friends. It was a full house and the host took our name and then handed us a menu to look at and a glass of Ouzo....I loved it already!

We were seated overlooking the Danube and ordered Retsina, a famous Greek wine that tastes of the resin from the pine cask it is held in and Tsatsiki a refreshing appetizer made from yogurt, cucumbers and garlic....YUM!

Our entre was Moussaka, sometimes known as the Greek "national" dish. Moussaka is a savory layered casserole with sliced eggplant on the bottom, minced lamb, herbs and spices in the middle and topped with a bechamel sauce that is baked until a crusty golden brown.

The tasty "pine" wine paired beautifully with the Tsatsiki and the Moussaka....a terrific Wine Food Pairing! CHEERS!

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