Wine Food Pairing - Speckknoedel and Eierschwammerl...YIKES!!!

Who would think that Wine Food Pairing could be such a verbal challenge? Speckknoedel and Eierschwammerl...I can't pronounce it, but it sure is tasty!

Speckknoedel is a yummy Austrian bacon bread dumpling and a staple in the local diet. Eierschwammer are Chantrelle mushrooms that are collected locally. My husband put on his chef's hat the other night and whipped up this traditional favorite for me.

We began by pouring ourselves a refreshing glass of white sturm...a terrific fizzy "early" wine.....this beverage makes working in the kitchen a lot of fun!

He started with the dumplings first....bread cubes, eggs, milk, salt, pepper and fresh parsley....this gets combined in a large bowl. Next, you add onions and bacon sauteed in butter....OK, we aren't counting calories here! Form these bad boys into balls and drop in boiling salted water and watch them float around a bit.

The sauce comes next! Everything used in cooking is fresh, which makes the food even tastier. He sauteed the mushrooms with onions, white wine, herbs of Provence, creme freshe and and wonderful!

I lighted a couple of candles, opened an Austrian Roter Tafelwein (red table wine) which paired wonderfully with the rich, meaty mushroom sauce. Austrian wine food pairing at it's best! CHEERS!

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