Wine Food Pairing at a Traditional Austrian Wine House

What could be better than Wine Food Pairing at a traditional Austrian wine house, or a heurigan as they are called?

This particular heurigan offered all the best local wines as well as Sturm and Most which are only available for a short time each year. These last two favorites change daily as they continue to ferment....the Most turns into Sturm and then the Sturm turns into a full fledged is all a matter of fermentation!

Heurigans, by law are only open a few weeks each year and the vintners are allowed to sell a percentage of their wine tax free! In addition, the kitchen prepares all the traditional favorites. This one specialized in strudels....I had a savory potato strudel which had a flakey crust and was a hearty meal for a cool autumn evening! I paired this with one of the crisp "new" white wines....delish!

Austrian wine food pairing is an adventure indeed! CHEERS!

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