Wine Food Pairing - A Dash of Italian Love!

Wine Food Pairing in Italy has been the best! It is time to head back to our home base of Austria, but before we cross the last stop!

I see a little gasthaus by the side of the road and it looks promising for a bit of pasta. We enter the warmly decorated room....checkered table cloths, potted plants on the tables and a lighted candle in the center......perfecto!

The menu boasts all sorts of items, but I have heard that the best is just to ask the server for the "special" and be surprised. We begin with a terrific dry Italian red table wine and it pairs wonderfully with the hot crusty bread that is served with olive oil infused with garlic to "dip". YUM! We could stop right there, but there is more! A steaming bowl of minestrone soup comes one would ever confuse this with the canned variety!

Sipping our wine and enjoying life...nothing moves too fast here.....

The entree arrives and it is a ravioli pasta stuffed with a pumpkin mixture and topped with a light cream sauce.......garnished with a freshly grated Parmesan......wonderful! The food is made with the freshest ingredients, traditional dishes that I've never seen before........all with a dash of Italian love thrown in!

Dessert, yes they was more....was a creamy yogurt with black cherries....truly decadent!

No meal in Italy is complete without the after dinner cappuccino, the milk making frothy peaks and, of course, a grappa....strictly a digestive aid!

Wine Food Pairing in may begin as a "quick" lunch and end up as a days event! CHEERS!

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