Wine Food Pairing - Traudl's Heuriger Burgenland

Wine Food Paring in Burgenland, one of the premier wine areas of Austria!

Traudl's Heuriger was the place to be........wonderful wines of the region and traditional food....enough for an army!

These two women make it all happen....Momma on the right, Traudl in the middle and yours truly on the left! I had to go in the kitchen for a quick visit. We couldn't make up our minds what we wanted to pair with our delicious blaufrankish, a delicious red wine, so Traudl served up a feast!

All this food for only three people and one small dog....OH BOY!!!! My favorite was the pork loin or maybe it was the fleischlabel (meat patties) .... anyway, the others loved the blood sausage, but somehow I just can't get excited about anything that has blood in the name. The Austrian potato salad and sauerkraut were yummy additions and, did I mention the SurSchnitzel? This particular schnitzel is "brined" a bit before being "schnitzeled" and has a pinkish cast to the meat...SUPER!

Traudls Heuriger also boasts quite an impressive menu of their own wines for sale. You can visit their website at:

Wine Food Pairing should be fun! CHEERS!

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