Wine Food Pairing ..... Ten Bottles of Wine!

Wine Food Pairing .... how many bottles of wine are we going to taste?

Michaela said she had ten, but I think the seven of us only managed six....YIKES!!!!! OK, the celebration started at 4:00pm and ended at 11:00pm....what an evening.

We started the afternoon with a, hot out of the oven, nusstrudel (nut strudel) that Michaela had whipped up earlier and we paired it with a red wine, Attila, from Berger in Donnerkirchen. The strudel was terrific, but the wine was a bit too "oakey" for my taste.

Next came the Rahmsuppe, which is mix of sour cream, potatoes, water and spices including caraway seeds....delicious, as the first snow flakes fluttered by the window.

Our friend Paolo popped the cork on the next wine...a Blaufrankisch from an Austrian vinter named Kiss, a perfect compliment to the hearty soup........ and so the evening and wine food pairing continued until we ended the night with a Sparkling Rose from Hafner.

The flames in the fireplace damped down and the candlelight picking up the highlights of the blush colored rose, we said our goodbyes to a wonderful evening and to good friends....CHEERS!

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