Wine Food Pairing - Liver Dumpling Soup...YIKES!!

Wine Food Pairing - Liver Dumpling Soup...the BIG question is who likes liver and why would you want to make dumplings with this filtering organ?

The Austrians love this stuff in a big way and the soup is called Leberknoedel Suppe. It is served at almost all the local gasthaus or cafes and I must admit that the soup tasted terrific. A wonderful rich broth, with no funky liver texture, but still....YIKES!!!!! Dining in a foreign country is always an adventure and sometimes a challenge.

My husband is Austrian and he knows my likes and dislikes, but sometimes, when he gets that vague look on his face as he is explaining a new dish to me, I know that perhaps, there is a "small" chance, that I am being "scammed" into eating something that normally would not cross my lips!

Needless to say, I had the soup and paired it with a zweigelt, a light bodied red wine from Austria and the combo was terrific! Of course the typical bread basket with an assortment of all the wonderful European breads.

Wine Food Pairing in Austria .... an adventure and a treat for the senses......try something new! CHEERS!

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