Wine Food Pairing - Fire Roasted Veggie Lasagna!

Wine Food Pairing, let's have some adventure with our next pairing!

I have always wanted to roast some peppers, you know, get the skins really black so that they slough off and leave the pepper"naked", but with a sweet, smokey flavor. Well, the adventure part comes into play when you have a ceramic stove top, I mean, I've watched all the cooking shows and they talk you through how to do this with gas flames, but how hard can it be to just lay them on the ceramic top. CHILDREN DO NOT DO TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!!

Let's just say that next time I will buy the peppers in a jar, pre-roasted! YIKES, what a mess! I had to pop the cork on a Chilean Merlot just to get me through the rest of the prep for this tasty lasagna dish. I layered on sauteed onions, garlic, fresh basil, mushrooms, cheeses as well as the "special" smokey flavored peppers along with the whole wheat lasagna noodles. Bake in the oven for about an hour and then top with freshly slivered parmesean cheese.

The result was well worth the effort ... totally....YUMMY! Another bottle of Merlot and the whole evening was a hit!

Wine Food Pairing, sometimes you just have to go for the adventure! CHEERS!

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