Wine Food Pairing - Wild Caught Salmon!

Wine Food Pairing with a California Pinot Grigio and wild caught salmon from the cold pacific northwest waters.

Somehow, my local fishmonger had "fresh" wild caught down here in Florida, the only way we have fresh caught fish from the Pacific northwest is to have long poles or very fast planes! Hopefully it is the latter!

I decided to buy a large fillet and slather on some of my very favorite salmon spread. I mix up some lowfat plain yogurt, fresh dill , salt and pepper and then spread it over the fillet in an oven safe glass dish then seal it up with foil. The oven is pre-heated to 400 degrees and then you let this bake for as long as it takes to be about medium rare.... maybe 20 minutes. You never want to over cook salmon as it dries out and loses that delish, buttery taste! When this comes out of the oven I place it on my favorite platter and then garnish with crispy sliced cucumbers and a couple more sprigs of fresh dill.

I like to serve this with a green salad made out of spring mix, sliced mushrooms, vine ripened tomatoes and black olives. If I really feel decadent and I will toast up some of my special garlic bread to dip in extra virgin olive oil .... OH BOY!

I paired this with a 2006 Sole Raso Pinot Grigio from California. The combination was delightful with the buttery fish, fresh crisp greens and the crisp Pinot. I love my work!

Wine Food Pairing is a terrific adventure. CHEERS!

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