Wine Food Pairing - In Vino Veritas!

Wine Food Pairing ... in Vino Veritas ...... in Wine there is truth!

Who said that? Anyone know? GOOGLE probably does!

Yesterday, as I prepared for the evening meal I decided to ramp things up a notch. The warm spring day down here in Florida had me thinking about fresh Shrimp, something easy to prepare, but with a lot of flavor ... hmmm .... how about a variation of shrimp creole, with a south of the border twist?

To start, I put some yellow rice on to do its "thing" ... about 25 minutes worth. Then got out my trusty sautee pan and set to work. While I heated up a little EVOO, I chopped onions, green pepper and tossed them in to sweat down ... meanwhile peeling and de-veining my 20 count shrimpies.

Now for the easy part! I tossed in some canned diced southwest flavored tomatoes and a can of white beans then let the flavors mingle and marry for a while. I usually set the table and pop the cork on a bottle of wine about now. The choice? A white wine from Portugal, Redondo 2006, Alentejo. A quick taste ... GOOD! A fruity aroma, smooth and slightly acidic taste in the mouth would go perfectly with my evening meal.

Next for the "ramp" up on my meal ... I always wait until about 3 minutes before I am ready to serve before tossing in the shrimp (you never want to over cook and get them too chewy), then a good handful of chopped cilantro from the herb garden, diced jalepeno and, my husbands very favorite, several cloves of thinly sliced garlic. Salt and pepper to taste. Give it a quick stir, put the lid on for 3 minutes and you are good to go!

Serve this over your yellow rice along with a fresh green salad and your chilled Alentejo. A terrific evening meal on a warm day.

Wine Food Pairing, make life easy, enjoy the journey. CHEERS!

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