Wine Food Pairing - Our Last night in Guanaja!

Wine Food Pairing on our last night in the Bay Island paradise of Guanaja Honduras. Fresh shrimp was on the menu and Tina, our cook was busy in the kitchen, while my husband was popping the cork on a cold Californian white Zinfandel.

We had mixed feelings .... we enjoyed our trip to Guanaja and hoped to return soon, but we always like to get back "home"! So we took our cold glass of wine out to the porch and sat on the swing and enjoyed the view of the Caribbean Sea. We sipped and talked about all of our adventures, of the stunning views, friendly people and the pristine turquoise water and the fact that we would be in Florida soon to enjoy the "paradise" there.

Tina called us dinner and we decided to eat on the porch where we could enjoy the tropical breezes.She had dusted the fresh shrimp with a light coat of flour and quickly fried them ..... yummy ... and served it with rice and steamed veggies .... light and satisfying, just like the Zinfandel.

The plates were cleared and the sun began to set. We had one last glass of wine and then it was time to toddle off to bed.

Wine Food Pairing, an adventure in Guanaja!

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