Wine Food Pairing - Sake and Sushi?

Wine Food Pairing, how about Sake and Sushi?

Our friend "Brewsky" Bob recently traveled down to Marathon, in the Florida Keys, for a fishing trip. Well, the fishing Gods were with him and he came home with some wonderful Tuna that he and his wife Pat shared with us.

We were in charge of bringing the wine. What goes well with sushi? Sake, of course! Sake is an alcoholic beverage made with rice and water. It can be served warmed or cold depending on the temperature outside or the food being served. For our meal we chose to warm it up a little and it was a big hit!

We started with raw pieces of tuna, sliced thin and dipped into a mixture of wasabi and soy sauce ... Yum ... the buttery pieces of tuna were the perfect appetizer..... on to the entree.

"Brewsky" rolled the tuna in sesame seeds and quickly seared the tuna in a hot pan, keeping it rare. Pat whipped up a teriyaki dipping sauce and it was the perfect compliment! Add to this, steamed fresh asparagus and a green salad dressed with pumpkin seed oil from Austria and you have a an international delight.

Wine Food Pairing with Sake and Sushi, why not? CHEERS!

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