Wine Food Pairing - Urech Quads Stomp Grapes!

Wine food pairing, well actually this is just the wine making portion.

I ran into this blog called The Urech Quads
while surfing the internet. These little darlings are showing us all how it is done and that you are never to young to enjoy wine making.

It started out with 2 of them and then all four joined the party.

The girls are River, Rayne, Julianne (JuJu)
and Skye. The girls, from Texas are 20 months old and
were the star attraction at the Wine-making Festival at Chez Pop-Pop. The girls were in charge of mashing the grapes and, as you can tell, they were quite good at it!

Their Mom Misty wrote me:

"As for having 4 at one time, it has been a blast, but definitely not for the faint of heart!"

Holy smokes, I can believe that!

To check out the latest on the Urech quads go to:

Wine food pairing ... here's a toast to the Urech quads. CHEERS!

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