Tangy Tsatsiki and Refreshing Spritzer

Top 10 wine food pairing in the summer is so much different than in the cooler winter months. In the winter I like a lot of red wines for the full bodied richness and in the summer, well the summer needs cool, light and crisp.

A favorite that I have enjoyed for many years is the white wine spritzer. In Europe it is very popular also, and that is where I really began to like them. Not only do spritzers cool you down, but with the added sparkling mineral water it just gives the body some extra needed hydration.

So, I got out my very favorite Tervis tumblers that state proudly "It's five o'clock somewhere" and whipped up a couple for my husband and myself. I like to use my own fizzy water that I make with my soda club machine.

The soda club machine is a nifty device for people that are ready to go "green" and not have all the extra plastic bottles around. The machine comes with a CO2 bottle and a couple of special reusable plastic bottles and you simply make your own club soda with your purified water from home! Cool beans.

Pour your club soda over ice and then add your favorite wine and you are good to go! YUM!

Earlier in the day I had whipped up some of our favorite Greek appetizer called tsatsiki. For any garlic lovers out there this is simply the best! Grate peeled cucumbers into a large bowl, dice as much garlic as you like ... we like a lot ... chop up some fresh dill and stir in nonfat plain yogurt. S&P to taste and let the flavors marry in the fridge for a few hours.

I serve this with toasted slices of baguette placed around the bowl of tsatsiki and let everyone dip! What a refreshing summer afternoon treat!

Wine food pairing, what fun. CHEERS!

Save the planet – drink Soda-Club! Carbonating bottles are reusable up to three years - no more empty bottles and cans to dispose or recycle. No batteries or electricity. Make sparkling water or over 25 soda flavors – regular, diet and caffeine-free.


Bellini Valli said...

This dip is my all time favourite. Pair it up with some good wine and I'm there:D I live in the Okanagan Valley here in British Columbia where we produce many world class wines. I'll look forweard to reading more from your blog...thanks for visiting:D

Adam said...

I've had that kind of sauce with gyros before, and I think its awesome. The garlic with cucumber totally works.

You have a cool site too, I'll def keep in touch. Thanks for your comment.

What kind of dog is that in your picture? I have a toy poodle and he looks a little like that.

Denise Clarke said...

Houdini is a five year old Maltese with a "bad" haircut!

He really is a great dog and has traveled the world with us!


Matt said...


sorry for taking so long to respond, but thanks for dropping by our wino/foodie blog =)


dh4j said...

Cool idea- the club soda machine...and I love those Tervis tumblers...hehe...

Uncle Brewski said...

the soda club machines are awesome!