WFP ... Let's Hear it for Whitey Tighties!

I was watching on the news last week where the Naked Cowboy is suing the M & M company for some ridiculous amount of money because they dressed up one of the blue "candy" guys in a cowboy hat and whitey tighties! YIKES!!

What is this world coming to?

I think I should invite both of these "dudes" to my next wine food pairing get together and have bury the hatchet so to speak ... maybe strum a few tunes.

OK, I am looking for suggestions here, what kind of wine really pairs well with bologna?

Actually, this may be my age showing, but I kind of think the guy on the left is cute, what do YOU think?

Wine food pairing can certainly be silly! CHEERS!


Chef JP said...

First visit to your blog--- lots of fun!

Misty said...

YOur blog is a hoot! I saw you posted on my blog about the grape stomping, let me know if you still want to use the picture.


dh4j said...

The M&M guy is a cutie!!!

Denise Clarke said...

Let's hear it for the "Blue" guy!