Wine Food Pairing - Macaroni's Grill

Wine food pairing can be done all over the country. This last weekend we headed up to the Orlando area for a business meeting and stopped off at the Macaroni Grill in Kissimmee .... that is pronounce Ki-sim-me, for a bit of food and wine!

Matt was our waiter and did a wonderful job of keeping us in food and spirits, as you can see by my "pink" cheeks!

Bi AL had the fettuccine Alfredo, what else could you expect from a guy named Alfred? I had the lasagna and it was totally YUMMO!

The Caesar salads were brought out first and the greens were crisp, fresh and the dressing had just the right tang. The wonderful warm dipping bread had me weak in the knees!

We paired the whole dinner with their house Chianti and it worked wonderfully. I guess there is a reason that it is the only house red on the menu.

For a very reasonable price we had salads a bottle of wine, entrees and dessert .... under $80! In a tourist area like that I was quite surprised!

We will definitely do more wine food pairing at Macaroni's Grill. CHEERS!


The Little Kahuna said...

The rosy cheeks are proof of a good night!

Denise Clarke said...