WFP - A Toast to Randy Pausch ......

Wine food pairing takes a time to announce the passing of Dr. Randy Pausch. Randy made national news last September when he delivered his famous "Last Lecture" to a packed audience at Carnegie Mellon University. Yes, indeed it was his last lecture, as Randy was dying of Pancreatic Cancer.

I have followed his inspirational journey with awe, laughter and, of course sadness ... my sister died of this same horrible cancer that knows no long term survivors. Randy did so much for the education and awareness of this disease and even spoke before congress, pleading for more research funds. Randy Pausch certainly is and was a hero .... may you rest in peace ....

I would like to propose a toast to all the friends and family that pancreatic cancer has left behind and to all the brave souls that have fought a brave fight and have succumbed .... CHEERS!

To read Randy's autobiography you can click on this link ....

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