Wine Food Pairing - To Florida via Greenland ... lol!

Wine food pairing is heading home ... or at least to one of our homes ... the one in beautiful, warm and sunny Florida.  It has been a lot of fun to be in Austria for the last few weeeks and the weather has been terrific, which is also a plus!

Our flight boards on time, but for some unknown reason we have a delay ... we probably really don't want to know why.  As soon as possible after take off we order a glass of red wine to take the edge off and to hopefully be able to fall asleep soon after our meal. Air Berlin has been serving this Tur Tur red by Schneider for a few years now and it is always a good standby.

Houdini is all settled in under the seat ahead of me and he looks to be napping.  The "Hoots" is a great traveler ... he has never had to be sedated to fly and as long as he is with his "Mom and Dad" all is well in his doggie world!

The Captain comes on the PA system and it seems that there is a storm somewhere in the UK and we will be taking a slight detour our the weather by way of Greenland ... YIKES!  It adds about 2 extra hours to our flight time .... oh my!

A quick peek out my window shows a lot of snow and ice ... holy cow, this looks darn cold.  I hope we don't need to make an emergency landing anytime soon.

This is now going to be and 11 1/2 hour flight so I guess we will pace ourselves.  Our first meal is served and is surprisingly good!  Air Berlin must have changed purveryors since we flew over.  A tasty chicken, rice and broccoli that actually is a bit crisp.  The herbed cheese pairs great with the red wine and really, what more could you ask for in the back of the bus?

Florida here we come ... wine food pairing raises our glass to the USA. CHEERS!

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