Wine Food Pairing ....spicy conch cerviche with....

Wine Food Pairing in the Bahamas. It is always great when you can use fresh food from the area. Fresh conch is as close as the nearest dock where locals come in to sell their catch....they will even clean it for you and for just a couple of dollars you can whip up a gourmet treat!

Conch ceviche is easy to prepare and there are several variations....I like mine with a "medium" heat to it.

Now get out your chopping board, chef knife and begin! Chop the cleaned conch into small pieces, the red onion,celery, red, green and yellow peppers follow along with fresh squeezed orange and lime juice. I salt to taste and then get out my Tabasco and experiment. You can always add more, but you can't take it away! When a light perspiration begins to form on my brow it is just right and I put it in the refrigerator for just a bit to "cook".

Next comes the critical issue of Wine Food Pairing....... everyone knows that beer complements spicy food—the fizz, the slight "hoppy" bitterness, the chill—all counter the effect of heat. The same qualities—cold and bubbles—that makes beer so popular a pairing with spicy foods works with wine. How about a chilled bottle of champagne to beat the heat? I love Freixenet, but any sparkling bubbly will do.

Wine Food Pairing is an Adventure and a Challenge, so go out there, experiment and enjoy! CHEERS!

For a tasty cracked conch recipe go to:

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