Wine Food Pairing Kurbispuffer in Neunkirchen

Wine Food Pairing went for a wonderful lunch to the next village. We visited the "Altes Brauhaus" in Neunkirchen. This way cool gasthaus was a brewery in the 1800's and in the 1920's became what it is today ... a terrific place to eat and meet with friends!

Neunkirchen is such a friendly place and my husbands father was the Principal of the local school so we always get the "red carpet" treatment when he is recognized roaming around town.

So after conducting a bit of business we wandered over and decided on a quick bite before heading home.

I always want to get something I have never tried before ... something local and that I can recreate in the US when we get back to Florida.

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year so I chose the kurbispuffer ... which, when translated turns out to pumpkin patties. These vegetarian tasties were a mixture of pumpkin, flour, eggs, a bit of potato (I think) and seasonings, then fried up in butter ....... ! Yes, the Austrians are big on butter and after all, what's not to love about butter?

It was served with a tangy yogurt sauce and garnished with chopped chives ... YUMMO!

BigAl had a homemade goulash served with the traditional Austrian dumplings called semelknoedel, a dill pickle,a hot dog and an egg. I have made this in the US as a "hangover" remedy and it usually works great! Of course BigAl had a Oktoberfest brew to pair with his goulash and I chose a blauer zweigelt to sip along with my kurbispuffer. The zweigelt, made at one of the local wineries is always a good choice to go with if you are in the mood for a red wine.

A great afternoon for the wine food pairing crew .... CHEERS!

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Hollee said...

I love old bars/brew houses/barns/castles/etc. that have been made into something new. There's a chain in Oregon (McMenamins) that operates great breweries and restaurants out of old schools, hospitals, and other buildings. Such charm!

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