Wine Food Pairing - Wien or Bust!

Wine food pairing
is making its way to Vienna (or Wien as it is called over there). A long flight, but we made it with no problem. Here are my "boys" sitting at the airport in Munich getting ready to meet our friend Rudy for a long "layover lunch".

Rudy picked us up and drove to one of the local biergartens where we had one of the lunch specials .... jungenschwinebraten with kartoffelknoedels and semiknoedels ... YUMMO!

OK, I know you haven't a "clue" what I am saying ... from the picture below you can see that we had sliced young pork with potato and bread dumplings along with a mixed salad!

A couple of beers and a long conversation later we headed back to the airport for a 45 minute flight to Vienna.

The Munich Airport had some of my favorite Cavit Pinot Grigio ... this directly from Italy ...

The plane took off right on time and all was well with the wine food pairing troup ... always fun, but sometimes a very long day. CHEERS!

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usman said...

Oh,what wonderful waiting for friends whose are coming to meet you very cute scene,and picture,it's show the love for friends.

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