Wine Food Pairing Full of Hot Air or Hot Air Balloons!

Wine food pairing is getting psyched up ... today we leave for 4 weeks in Austria ... and those weeks should be action packed and filled with excitement! I will keep you up to date with all the cool stuff that goes on, but first off you need to check this out. We have been invited to the 18th Hot Air Balloon World Championship. The balloons will be filling the sky ... 150 teams from all over the world, several from the USA will be competing for top balloon honors!

This is a really big deal. The Austrians are pulling out all the stops to make this event even more spectacular than the last! It will be taking place in the Styrian area of Austria and as you know from earlier posts, this is where the famous pumpkin seed oil is grown and produced. Local growers have even come up with a special label just for the Hot Air Balloon Championship.

I know that I will be bringing back a few for all my special!

OK, I will get back will all the exciting details and party events, but I have to finish up my packing ...

Just to give you a preview of what is to come, watch the videos below ... then you will know why I am so excited!

Maybe you want to come along or visit? We have a couple of extra bedrooms at the house! Championship begins on September 13th and runs through the 21st.

Wine food pairing ... see you there. CHEERS!

For more info on this competition be sure to stop by :


Uncle Brewski said...
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Uncle Brewski said... guys are in for a treat. I was lucky enough to visit the Albuqurque NM. Ballon Fest a few years ago. What an awesome sight. ENJOY!

Denise Clarke said...

BigAl is old friends with the organizer and we have press passes to get a great look ... after all ... wine food pairing IS the press.... lol!


usman said...

Hi, guys are in for a treat. I was lucky enough to visit the Albuqurque NM, hot air event with hot weather.
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