Wine Food Pairing with Killer Tomatoes!

Summer is starting to wind down in many parts of the country and many thoughts are toward cooler weather and heavier meals. Not so in sunny Florida, where we won’t even think about dropping below 90F until the end of October.

Wine food pairing is still coming up with light refreshing meals with all our fresh produce around. I found some “killer” looking tomatoes the other day and all I could think of was a thick, juicy tomato sandwich. Now I know how to layer things on to make a hearty sandwich, but the PERFECT tomato sandwich is just that. My homemade fresh out of the bread maker, whole wheat nut bread, slathered with a dollop of mayo and thick slices of you know what! I like to chop up a little fresh basil, S & P and a pinch of cayenne. YIKES …. This is a feast!

I paired the “mater” sandwich with a chilled glass of Gato Negro Chardonnay. This pale gold wine from Chile, with its delicate fruit flavors had our hearts and minds south of the border, for real.

We took our lunch on the lanai, braved the outside and sat under the fan next to the Koi pond and I think that the fish might have been jealous of our bounty! They kept popping their heads out to take a look … LOL! Wine food pairing can be simple, fresh and delicious. CHEERS!

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Bellini Valli said...

This is just the best meal for me this time of the year. I am off to the farmers market this morning so guess what I will be having for lunch handsdown!!!!!!!!!!!!