Wine Food Pairing - Austrian Guys on the Loose!

Wine Food Pairing was recently visited by a long time friend ..................Hans Tinhof from Austria.

They have known each other for over forty years, and while both guys speak perfectly good English, after a couple of glasses of wine, when the conversation really got going about the "old times," it seems that German was the preferred language! Perhaps it has something to do with it being the mother tongue, or maybe it is just to protect the innocent (or guilty)!

Hans is a wine farmer, or weinbauer as it is called in the German language....his family has grown grapes and made wine for many generations. His farm is located in the prestigious Burgenland region where some of the best wine from Austria is made. In addition, he also owns a heuriger, or wine cafe, where several times a year you can come and join him and his family for wine and some delicious traditional Austrian food.

He has traveled to the United States many times, but he has never really seen "our neck of the woods" before...... we showed him around all the "classic" sites of our southwest Florida area, this included a trip down to Goodland, to Stan's Idle Hour on Sunday afternoon. It is an event that must be experienced first hand, but just suffice to say, a good time was had by all!

Instead of pairing our schnitzels or wurst with a tasty zweigelt, we went for the more traditional SW Florida fare of shrimp and cheeseburgers with cold beer .... AH..... Wine Food Pairing can be grueling at times! Cheers!

To learn more information about Hans Tinhof and his wonderful winery in Austria, you can visit him at his blog:

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